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Beaver County, Pennsylvania

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AND THEN THERE WERE 10. These terrific women from Beaver County, Pennsylvania, get together to share books and good conversation.

So how did your group get started?
Two of our original members went out to dinner one evening and decided that they wanted to ask a few of their friends to form a book club. That was back in 2009.

And now there are 10.
Exactly. A few of those initial friends invited other friends, and here we are—ten of us.

Let's talk about what you've been reading recently.
Here is our list from the past year: Gone Girl ♦ The Story of Beautiful Girl ♦ The Silver StarOrdinary GraceHotel on the Corner of Bitter and SweetThe Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold FryThe Light Between OceansThe Paris WifeThe Summer KitchenUnbrokenSecret DaughterOrange Is the New Black.

How about some all-time favorites.
Same Kind of Different as MeThe Story of Beautiful GirlThe Help.

How about books that led to really good discussions.
Orange is the New Black ♦ The Shack ♦ The Story of Beautiful Girl ♦ Same Kind of Different as Me ♦ UnbrokenThe Help.

Any disappointments?
Tortilla Curtain (the end made us throw the book) and Orange Is the New Black (too political).

Where do you hold your meetings?
Most of the time, we hold them at each others' houses. Sometimes we meet at a local coffee shop or restaurant.

How do you select your books?
The person who hosts the club gets to pick the book.

Any rules?
No rules just fun!

What else about your club do you want us to know?
We are a Christian Club and we like to have plenty of laughter and fun!!!!!

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