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THESE WOMEN ARE "LOL." No, not laughing-out-loud (though they do plenty of that). In this case they're Ladies of Literature — that LOL.

Is it true that as Ladies of Literature you "Act Like Ladies But Think Like Men"?
Not yet. But we will after we finish the book— the one by Steve Harvey. It's next on the list.

But if you lean how men think, will you ever be able to act like ladies?
We'll have to get back to you on that.

And what's with the author, Steve Harvey?
Well, we'd really find it amazing if he came to talk with us or had a phone conference. He's sometimes in could happen. (So Steve, if you are reading this, please join us! LOL)

[Harvey, comedian and popular morning show host, is author of best selling Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. —Editor.]

L.O.L. is just one-year-old. What brought you together?
There are 7 of us (& growing), 23-26 years of age, from different professional fields. We wanted to stimulate positive conversation about the things that go on around us and share our ideas with others our age. We also enjoy reading and the joys that come with it.

What have you read?
Here's what we've been reading in our first year...
Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man
Nappily Ever After
Would I Lie to You?
Just Too Good to be True
Something on the Side
I Don't: A Contrarian History of Marriage
Naked Truth: Young, Beautiful & HIV Positive
A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown

Any favorites?
We enjoyed reading Something on the Side by Carl Weber: the characters are colorful and completely developed. Each of us fell in love with a character we personally related to. At times we laughed at them but then turned right around to yell and scream at them. The book is easy to follow since chapters are broken down into the four main characters. The plot has twists and turns up to the last page!

Best discussions?
We had a great book discussion for I Don't: A Contrarian History of Marriage. Each of us had a different perspective on marriage. We're all still single, and marriage is a bond that most of us talked about doing in the latter part of our lives. Some of us viewed marriage as sacred, a one-time commitment with a soulmate. Others felt that, realistically, getting married often happens more than once.

Any disappointments?
We were really disappointed with Would I Lie To You?, the sequel to Nappily Ever After , both by Tisha R. Thomas. We thought that the progression of the story was slow and not carefully thought out.

How do you select your books?
When we first started the club, whoever hosted the next meeting got to choose the book. But we've slowly evolved to where we recommend and vote on 2-3 books for the next couple of meetings. Then we decide who will host.

You also support a charity, right? Tell us about it.
Yes, we're proud to support the Gift for Life Foundation, a Kidney Donation Awareness program. The charity was started by the father of one of our members. He and another of his Dallas Cowboys teammates provide children suffering from kidney disease with the opportunity to attend Camp Reynal.

The camp offers a week-long program to educate minorities about the kidney donor process, as well as the cause, detection and treatment of the disease. The camp also conducts blood pressure and diabetes testing.

What about outside regular meetings?
We really enjoy each other’s company and have fun doing things in and outside our book club. For the "social" part of the meetings we have potluck. We dressed up for Halloween and also had an Inauguration watch party for President Barack Obama!

We take trips to different cities; we go out to movies, lounges, and sporting events; and next week we'll be going to an Improv Comedy Club. If we don’t have a meeting or social event for weeks, we just lose it! So we have an email chain to keep us updated on what’s happening in our lives.

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