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Atlanta, Georgia

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LIKE SO MANY book clubs, this group began with a couple of friends who enjoyed reading. Let's do something a little more formal, they thought—and here they are!

When did you decide to become The Ladies of Atlanta?
It was back in 2012 when a couple of us started planning. We invited other ladies who liked to read, and it's continued to grow from there.

So how many members now?
We've got 14 in all. But we continue to invite new people in on a regular basis.

So let's talk about your books.
We're pretty new, so here's what we've read so far:
Power and Beauty
Trouble and Triumph
In Search of Satisfaction
Don't Say a Word
Incidents in the Life of a
   Slave Girl

Gods and Kings
Song of Redemption

As you can see, our book club selections reach across genre, authors and historical periods—fiction and nonfiction.

Your members are doing more reading on Kindles.
The Kindle has enriched our discussions and understanding of our readings. For example, during our meeting for Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, we were able to do on-the-spot research—viewing photos of the author and her hometown in North Carolina, as well as verifying the existence of her slave holder.

You mentioned that you "tend to have lively conversations." What makes them so much fun?
When we disagree—those are the best. We might be discussing the evolution of a character or realistic themes of literature. The really intense discussions allow us to grow and help us see other view points.

Where do you meet?
Our meetings are held in various places around the metro area of Atlanta—in homes and restaurants. The venue is limited only by the creativity of the hostess.

The hostess has flexibility to plan the meal according to her taste. We have ordered meals and prepared meals; even when we meet in a restaurant, the venue is often chosen based on a theme relevant to the book.

Your group has a Facebook page, right?
Yes. We use it to post our book selections so members can check during the month and keep abreast of current events. Anyone interested can find us through Facebook's search using in "The Ladies Book Club of Atlanta"... or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How do you choose your books?
We select our books by group vote at meetings. Books are suggested by members or by web sites such as Litlovers.

Generally, how would you describe your club and its members?
We are a group of women who have a shared love of reading, and we formed a book club to enjoy fellowship, break bread, socialize and discuss the chosen reading selections. We are diverse in background and experiences which gives us insight into various aspects of literature and enriches the discussions. We encourage new members to join—the only requirement is a commitment to participate actively in the group.

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