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ARMED WITH THEIR NOOKS, this group of readers connects through its own website to talk literature. Starting with a handful of members, the group is now 1,500 readers strong.

Your name is self-explanatory. But tell us how the group got its start.

We started in June of 2010. Angela, one of our administrators, had just purchased her Barnes & Noble nook and decided she wanted to discuss some books with other new users so we started a small online group.

You started small, but you've grown quite a bit in the last two years.
Yes, we now have 1,497 members!

Impressive. But with such a large group, how do you effectively discuss a book?
Originally, we communicated through Facebook, but now we connect through the discussion forums on our own website,

Also, members have the ability to chat online with each other at anytime about what they are reading or to get suggestions for a new book. It makes the group feel like a community.

How do your discussion start?
On the 20th of the month, questions are added under the Discussions tab regarding the book. Four questions will be added per day for at least 4 days. After this, there may or may not be more questions, depending on interest. If members have a question they would like to see discussed, they can send a private message to any admin, and we will be sure to post that question and give credit.

Still, it must be difficult for members to agree on next month's selection. How does that work?

Our members suggest books throughout the year. The admins choose from the suggested books and new arrivals and come up with 4 books for the vote. The members then have 48 hours to choose the book we read for the next month via online poll. Periodically, we have themed book votes, such as Halloween or Black History Month.

What books have members voted for this year?
We read one book a month. So far this year, we've read:

Transfer of Power (Flynn)
Perfect Peace (Black)
True Colors
Defending Jacob
Turn of Mind
Darkroom (Graham)
House Rules
Peaches (Holm)
Gone Girl
The Fault in Our Stars
The Glass Castle
The Twelve

Have any books led to particularly interesting discussions?
The Passage was an amazing book for our club to read. We all talked consistently about the content including making references in our FB status to it.

How do you ensure that discussions stay focused?
We have a few rules to keep things in order; Respect others opinions, no offensive language, and no political or religious discussions unless directly relating to the book.

Overall, how would you describe your club?
Most of us have a deep love of books. We read a lot- actually, almost constantly! We love getting new author recommendations and books. We have a lot of fun during our discussions. As we always say- Be Sociable, Share!

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