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Lehi, Utah

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WHO DOESN'T LOVE A PARTY? That's a rhetorical question for this group, which turns every book into its own party—an entire evening with themed costumes, decorations, and food.

Love your name! How did you come by it?
Good food is a big part of our club. As a result, we've all stretched our palates and our culinary skills. And, of course, we "crave" a good read as much as we do a delicious meal.

Tell us what you've read this past year.
Here's our list for 2014:
Monuments Men
Snow Child
Carter Beats the Devil
Walt Disney: An American Original
Husband's Secret
The Goldfinch (Little Brown and Co. contacted us after seeing our blog and wanted to work with us so they sent us copies of the book!)
Golem and the Jinni
Ruin and Rising (third book in the Grisha series). We read the first book in the series, Shadow and Bone, last fall and loved it so much we decided to finish the series as a book club.

Any all-time favorites?
If anyone reading this interview hasn't read The Book Thief, stop right now and get the book. It will change you, haunt you, bring you hope, and stay with you. Don't just see the movie and think you know anything about the book.

The Night Circus—Our senses, our emotions, and our imaginations soared on every page. Our discussion that night seemed endless, and we were all left feeling like there was magic in the air (photos).

Carter Beats the Devil took all of us by surprise! I don't think any of us were planning to love the book as much as we did. Our evening was made forever memorable when the Devil showed up to try and beat Carter at a magic trick (photos).

Your meetings look magical (speaking of magic). Tell us a little more.
We theme EVERY menu around the book. And if the book calls for it, we love to dress up in crazy outfits. Just take a look at our photos to get an idea.

In the summer we host a couples book club meeting. We like to involve authors: we've Skyped, talked via speaker phone, exchanged emails, and had them visit us in-person. We have tea parties (along with a classic we've read). We have a "Spring Clean" to clear out our book shelves, and we exchange the books with one another. We start off meetings with a book-based quiz or game to get our minds geared up for the discussion. (You can find most of them on our blog.)

I'm not sure pictures are truly worth a thousand words (words, after all, are magical), but your photos are extraordinary. Let's just stop the interview right here and feature them.
Yes, thanks. The photos, by the way, are taken by three members of Delicious Reads: Bethany Madison, Kate Johns, and Kelly Dearth.

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