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MAYBE IT WAS HER MOTHER'S love of books, or maybe that rainy day when she sat with her own daughter and a pile of books at their feet. But whatever particular event inspired her love of reading, Patricia Sheppard says the Holy Spirit convinced her it was time to start a book club.

WOTL– what do the initials of your name stand for?
Women of the Light. I was appointed the president of the Woman's Department of my local church.

As part of my mission, I wanted to gather sisters together to read, share, and NEVER feel judged or alone.

Amen. What better reason to start a book club! When did you start?
Our first meeting was in September, 2016.

And how many members?
We're 10 in number ... and growing. Some are from my church, and some go to other churches.

You've also inspired other groups, is that right?
Yes, we have a Facebook page where I post photos and meeting reminders. Others have seen it and started their own clubs.

So tell us what you've been reading.
Here's our list from the past year.

1. Overcome Inertia – Janine Wiggins
2. In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart – Ruth Graham
3. Seasons of a Woman’s Life - Lois Evans
4. Becoming Myself – Stasi Ellredge
5. I Want God – Lisa Whittle
6. The Miracle in the Middle – Charlotte Gambill
7. Uninvited – Lysa Terkeurst
8. Without Rival – Lisa Bevere

Any favorites?
The Miracle in the Middle was a big favorite. We found comfort in knowing God is always there, even in the middle of our
greatest heartbreaks.

In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart was another. It gave us pause to think about so many people smiling yet who are dying at the same time – perhaps sitting in the same pew you are.

Seasons of a Woman’s Life was meaningful. It offers wisdom for  the young, old, older, for a wife, mother, or grandmother – all the seasons of our lives, and each can teach us something about overcoming pain and adversity.

I Want God opened our eyes and hearts: we all have to reach the point where nothing or no one else matters as much as God,

To tell you the truth, we've loved all of our books. There is some part in each book that fills at least one woman's need in our group.

How do you select books?
We pray for help, asking God what our group of women needs. He hasn't steered us wrong yet. Actually, though, looking back at the list, it seems that the Lisa's have been a big part of our choosing!

You've reached out to some of the authors of the books you've read. Tells us.
Yes. We've teleconferenced with four different authors: Ruth Graham (In Every Pew...), Janine Wiggins Conway (Overcoming Inertia), Lois Evans (Seasons of a Woman's Life), and Lisa Whittle (I Want God). We've also used the video by Stasi Ellredge while discussing her book (Becoming Myself).

Where do you meet?
We choose a restaurant with a private room or enclosed area so we can discuss the book, laugh,
cry and be honest!

Any special celebrations during your meetings?
We celebrate birthdays, and the birthday lady gets to wear a tiara! Something else that's fun: we select a color to wear for our monthly meetings — it's great for promoting unity.

What about community work?
Yes. We participate in the Annual Coat Drive, Christmas Toy Collection, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and the Autism Walk.

Is there one last thing about WOTL you'd like to tell us?
Yes — actually, three things:
We are women who love God, love to read, and love fellowship!
Our mission is that no woman we come in contact with should ever feel uninvited and alone.
We believe that Reading and Sharing is good for the soul, that it starts lasting friendships and builds trust among women.

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