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TUESDAYS WITH BOOK CLUB were tough for a couple of its members, so they finally decided to start up their own club— Random Readers.

I take it you don't meet on Tuesdays, right?
That would be right. We meet Friday nights
So how many members do you have?
We wanted to keep it small, so we each picked one or two friends. That was back in October, 2013, and now there are eight of us—it's a good number for discussion.

Tell us what you've been reading lately.
Here's our list over the past several months:
The Fixer Upper
Ladies Night
The Firebird
The Perfect Hope
Defending Jacob
Life After Life
I've Got Your Number

Any favorites?
Well, we actually vote on how we like a book, each of us assigning a rank from 1-5, with 5 being high.

The Firebird (Susannah Kearsley) came a little over 4 points, our highest score. The next highest was The Fixer Upper (Mary Kay  Andrews).

What about books that led to particularly good discussions?
We were split down the middle for Defending Jacob (William Landay): some found it too dark, while others loved it. But, interestingly, it led to a great discussion—in terms of what each of us would do as a parent if faced with a child like Jacob.

How do you choose your books?
We rotate hosts...and whoever hosts the meeting chooses the book. The host provides the food, and the rest of us bring our favorite wine or other beverage.

Speaking of hosting the meeting, the photos of one of your meetings look terrific.
That was our meeting for Defending Jacob. The table was set with mason jar mugs labeled with a "Random Readers" tag and a rolled agenda and pen inside. We even had our own labeled water bottles.

Even better...the type font for all the labels matches one of the book's themes. It's called "School Bully."

Any activities?
We've played your Literary Grab Bag game—a big bag filled with items from each of the books we read. We had to guess which book each item came from. It was lots of fun.

We also hope to do an author conference call with Diane Chamberlain (Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes and Necessary Lies) during one of our meetings.

Give us an idea of some of the Grab Bag items.
♦ Yellow legal pad (Defending Jacob)
♦ Popcorn (Ladies Night)
♦ Plastic Police Badge (The Firebird)
♦ Coffee (The Fixer Upper)

Overall, how would you describe your club?
We love the variety of books we read that occurs as a result of rotating hostesses—from romance to mystery and everything in between. Often, books we never would have chosen on our own have turned out to be some of our very favorite!

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