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about-us-130pxAn English teacher gone mad
I'm Molly Lundquist. a former college English instructor, who loves to read and can't stop talking about literature.

LitLovers grew out of an online course I taught a number of years ago. It was so much fun—students loved it, I loved it—that I decided to go public. Hiring a web design firm, we added a little of this, a lot of that...and, before we knew it, we had ourselves a book club site!

A long time ago . . .
Before teaching, I spent 18 years as a speech and public relations writer in and around NYC. When our young daughter headed off to grade school, I headed off to grad school where I earned an M.A. in English and taught for 8 years. My husband Peter and I now live in Pittsburgh. (Go Steelers.)

LitLovers has brought together my lifelong love of reading, writing, and teaching. The site is about WHAT we read, HOW we read, and HOW we THINK about our reading. Approaching literature in that way can change how we see our lives and the world around us.

It's my hope that readers everywhere will come to the site again and again to explore, learn, and have fun.

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