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boys a sex Boys & Sex
Peggy Orenstein

Following her remarkable Girls & Sex, Peggy Orenstein. explores the sexual norms of males.
olive again Olive Again
Elizabeth Strout

Sheeeeees baaaaack! Olive Kitteridge enters our lives again and those of the residents of Crosby, Maine. Rave reviews.
creatures van meter Creatures: A Novel
Crissy Van Meter

An often lyrical tale of a childhood shaped by unreliable parents and an unforgiving sea.
tenant engberg The Tenant
Katrine Engberg

A killer follows, to the letter, a writer's murderous manuscript in this Danish author's U.S. debut. More thrilling Scandinavian noir.
good girls guide to murder A Good Girl's Guide to Murder
Holly Jackson

A murder case doesn't add up, but a girl is determined to find the real killer.

uncanny valley Uncanny Valley: A Memoir
Anna Wiener

A sharp critique of Silicon Valley life and start-up culture in this funny yet frightening memoir of a once-upon-a-time insider.
illness beams Illness Lesson
Clare Beams

An all-girls school in the 1870s is thrown into chaos when students fall mysteriously ill.
untamed doyle Untamed
Glennon Doyle

Another inspiring feminist memoir from Doyle on defying society's narrow expectations gaining personal freedom.
jetsetters Jetsetters
Amanda Eyre Ward

Family members unpack their baggage, real & emotional, on a luxury cruise with Mom.
why we cant sleep Why We Can't Sleep
Ada Calhoun

An insightful analysis of today's new midlife crisis and why we're so anxious. Promisethis book won't put you to sleep.
kingdomtide Kingdomtide
Rye Curtis

An forest ranger finds a purpose in her life as she searches for the lone survivor of a plane crash.
wives fisher The Wives
Tarryn Fisher

Marriage is hard enough without having to compete with two other wives in Fisher's psychological thriller.
lady clementine Lady Clementine
Marie Benedict

The remarkable woman who stands side-by-side one of history's most remarkable men.
you are not alone You Are Not Alone
Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pakkanen

Lonely Shay Miller falls under the spell of two glamorous sisters. Yet things begin to feel a little off…. What do they want from her?

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