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beautifully foolish endeavor Beautifully Foolish Endeavor
Hank Green

A witty, thought-provoking sequel explaining all the weird things that happened in An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.
party upstairs Party Upstairs
Lee Connell

Inside a posh NYC apartment building, the building's super & his daughter spark a crisis that changes everything.
book of lost names Book of Lost Names
Kristin Harmel

Based on a true story–a young woman with a talent for forgery helps 100s of Jewish children  flee the Nazis.
pull of stars Pull of the Stars
Emma Donoghue

In Dublin, 1918, a maternity ward during the Great Flu is a small world of work, risk, death, & unlooked-for love.
cleo mcdougal no regrets Cleo McDougal Has No Regrets
Allison Winn Scotch

A U.S. Senator is at the heart of this sharp, funny, emotional novel about past regrets.
shadows north The Shadows
Alex North

A copycat killing of a teenager 25 years after the original murder reopens old wounds in a small British town.
midnight sun meyers Midnight Sun
Stephanie Meyers

A return to the world of Twilight and the love story of Bella and Edward–this time from Edward's point of view.
trust no one Trust No One
Debra Webb

A powerful combination of police procedural and thriller in which every clue provides a fresh shock.
outsider castillo Outsider
Linda Castillo

The 12th Kate Burkholder book: an electrifying thriller about a woman on the run  hiding among the Amish.
walking with wind lewis Walking with the Wind
John Lewis

A gripping first-hand account of the fight for civil rights and the courage it takes to change a nation.

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