About LitCourse

Learning—just for fun!
Get more out of your reading by taking our online LitCourses. They're quick, fun and free—and sure to deepen your enjoyment of fiction.

Each of 10 courses, about 30 minutes long, offers a basic introduction to literature. Everything you need is here, including links to shortstories on the web. Best thing? No grades, no papers. It's learning— and it's fun.

Five easy steps
LitCourses have 5 steps. Do as much—or as little—as you want. It's up to you.

1 Catalog: choose from any of 10 courses.
2 Lecture—read through 15 informative slides.
3 Reading—get links to short stories or poems.
4 Study Guide—read helpful interpretations.
5 Quiz—check yourself; no one else will see!

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