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Brownwood, Texas

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EDUCATORS, ALL—and so, of course, they love the stimulation of good books and lively discussions. Meet the Chicklits.

Are you all teachers?

Most of us are, but not all. We have a school counselor and a musical theater professor from our local university.

Three of us are retired, and three of us are still working.

So there are 6 Chicklits (good name, btw).
Yes, 6 of us. And although some of us knew each other beforehand, not everyone did. So it's been fun to expand our circle of friends.

Tell us what you've read lately.
Here's our list over the past several months:
Rosie Project
Miracle at the Higher
    Grounds Cafe
Wide Sargasso Sea
White Plague
A Man Called Ove
All the Light We Cannot See
Invention of Wings

Good list. Any particular favorites?
The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd was one of our favorites because of the diversity of topics it opened up for discussion. We also enjoyed the switching back and forth in point of view from the two main female characters. The book really opened our eyes to that time period of our history.

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr is another favorite. It was so well-written, again with an shifting point of view. It also presented a powerful description of life during World War II—for those on both sides.

Any disappointments?
Not yet!

How about particularly good discussions.
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion led to a particularly good discussion. As educators, we could relate the story to children we've had in school—and their differences and struggles.

What about club mechanics?
We meet in each other's homes, and each host chooses the book for her month.

The host also provides the meal, tying it in somehow to the book—through theme, setting, or food.

Tell us about the photos.
They're from our meeting for The Invention of Wings—a Low Country Shrimp Boil on the veranda.

Ah, thus the paper towels. So...what's in the litle jars?
They're the favors and contain an all-purpose Italian seasoning from Debbie's own garden. (See top column photos.)Any club rules?
No, other than to avoid gossip.

Oooh . . . good rule! Is it hard to follow?
Ahem. . .

What would you like to leave readers with as we sign off?
Even though we are all educators, not of all knew each other before the club formed. However, we have come together well and share many of the same interests other than literature. Faith is important to each one, but we represent a wide variety of denominations. We are also a very diverse group as far as our backgrounds and experiences. It all comes together with a sweet spirit and fun-loving camaraderie.

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