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AH, THE JOYS OF BOOK CLUBS! This exchange comes from our mailbox—all the way from the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. It's the kind of email that puts BIG SMILES on our faces here at LitLovers and makes our jobs so much fun.

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February 9, 2014
I loved this website so much, that I created my book club TODAY! Approximately 8 members are IN! So, lets see what happens. I named it after my initials. LOL SO it's called MQ's Book Club.
from MQ,
Dominican Republic

February 24, 2015
Today is the day. I'll send you the notes and some pictures, I'm so happy :) We are 14 girls now, initially. Let's see if it keeps up.
from MQ

March 2, 2015
Everything went smoothly.... Everyone was happy to join, and I was so excited to make this little dream come true. Our first choices were "The Little Prince" and "The Old Man and the Sea": because they're classics and easy reads. (I didn't wanna start with a book that could give anyone an excuse not to read!).
—from MQ

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