LitClub:  Wine & Dine Between the Lines
Springboro, Ohio

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THEY'RE A FAIRLY NEW club—not even a year oldbut they're already feeling connected through their passion for literature.

Cool name! So how did you get started?
It turns out we'd all been wanting to be in a book club, but it took Ashley and two friends to get one off the ground. That was in 2015.

How many members?
There are 9 of us. We're sisters, mothers and daughters, best friends, and friends of friends.

Some of us are married, some single, some with with children and some without—but what we have in common is our love of books.

And you meet on Friday nights: that's a little unusual.
It gives us something to look forward to all week. We love being able to come together for a few hours to fuel our passion for reading.   

So what
have you read lately?
We're pretty new, so our list isn't very long. But so far, we've read:

Precious One
Black-Eyed Susans
Girl on the Train
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter....
The Choice

Any favorites?
Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin—the author kept us guessing till the very end. Not only was the book engaging, but it made for a really interesting discussion.

Also, we're reading Nicholas Sparks' The Choice this very month, which is the same month the movie comes out. We plan to see it in conjunction with the book.

How do you choose your books?
We use LitLovers a lot. It's really helpful with so many books, reviews, summaries and discussion questions. [This is NOT a paid advertisement by LitLovers. Honest. —Ed.]

We also use suggestions from our members.

Given your name, you obviously like food...and wine.
We do. We always have a meal prepared by the host. Everyone else brings a dessert or something to drink.

We eat first...then discuss while we drink our wine.

Finally, what would you like to leave with us?
Our club is full of energy and spunk! It could be the wine, but every meeting so far has been great and full of discussion. Sometimes, we laugh so hard we cry!

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