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Adia Molloy had a necessity—a passion for reading and discussing books. But as the mother of two young children, it was tough to get out to book club meetings. So Adia did what any super inventive person would do: she started an online book club.

What was behind the idea, Adia?
I wanted to create a community where anyone could come—on their own schedule—and talk about books. An online club was the obvious solution.

But why go to the trouble of starting your own site? Why not use book sites already on the web?
I did...for a while. But the other online sites didn't provide a forum for discussion—most posts were along the lines of how quick a read the book was or how much the reviewer enjoyed it. They just weren't quite what I was looking for.

Okay, so how's Reader Roundtable doing?
Well, I launched the site in June, 2011. The site's open to all comers, and so far it's attracted about 50 members, people who love to read and talk online. The good news's still growing.

How does it work?
We choose one book each quarter (4 per year) which we read as a group. I set the time and date for the online discussion, and members log in. But anyone can post comments anytime about the book—or about other books.

You mean anyone can talk about any book ... any time?
Yes! Actually, anyone can start a discussion about a book. Just post the title into the forum and get a conversation going. Rght now 10+ books are open for comments.

What titles are on the forum?
Here's what we're talking about so far...

Discovery of Witches
Game of Thrones series (R.R. Martin)
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series
Harry Potter series
The Help
Hunger Games trilogy
Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Land of Painted Caves
What My Mother Doesn't Know (Sonya Sones)

What books have you chosen for your "live" discussions?
The Help was our first, which we read and discussed in August. Moon Walking with Einstein is our  second; we'll discuss it in real time on November 2 (2011) at 9pm (EST). If you can't make the discussion, it doesn't matter—you can post a comment anytime. Also, I post a variety of questions, so participants can feel free to talk about specific aspects of the book that interest them.

So tell us how you select the books.
During live discussions, I ask what everyone would like to read next. People respond with suggestions; then I post the titles on our Facebook page and members vote.

You offer more on Reader Roundtable than the discussion forums.
Right. I think it's important to keep members up-to-date on book signings, new releases, film adaptations, and other book-related news. I've also started doing a few of my own book reviews.

Dear Reader, you will NOT find this on Reader Roundtable...but here's a little info on Adia. It's impressive.
Adia's background is not at all book related. She has degrees in chemical engineering, biomolecular engineering, and a minor in math from the University of Pennsylvania. Then, there is her specialized MBA from Cornell University—focusing on hospitality business management and concentrated in experiential marketing. She worked at Procter & Gamble and is a patented inventor.

Now Adia's a stay-at-home mother, raising her two daughters—aged two and three. She says that all of her "free time is spent curled up with a book" though it's hard to imagine how much free time she actually has!

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