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books-on-demand12By Kristi Spuhler for LitLovers
Now here's a neat idea: a subscription service that identifies specific books just for you—and delivers them straight to your door!

The website, Just The Right Book, chooses titles—based on your personal reading preferences—and sends them to you once a month. Real know, the ones with pages? The things we still love to hold in our hands?

This is how it works: head to the site and place your order for the type of subscription you want. As you navigate through the checkout process, you’ll be prompted to fill out a questionnaire about your favorite genres, titles, and authors. Once they have your reading profile, they’ll begin shipping you personalized novels on a monthly basis (or bi-monthy or quarterly—it's up to you).

For something more daring...there's Book Riot, another subscription service. This one requires a more open-minded reader—it's NOT personalized to your tastes but based on its own editors' monthly picks. Which means you get a surprise every month!—a package that includes the book (usually fiction), a description of that month's theme, author interviews, and other related articles.

So if you’re feeling adventurous give one (or both!) of these services a try. Think you could trust someone else pick your next read? And if you like it, a subscription makes a great gift, especially one from Just The Right Book, which has categories for adults, teens or kids.

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