Harry Potter—Confessions of a former skeptic

harry poter skepticIt’s late in the game, I know. But I just finished reading ALL 7 HARRY POTTER BOOKS. I’d avoided them up to now because…

1. They’re for KIDS
2. I don't like FANTASY
3. Way too much HYPE
4. I’m swamped with a long list of "MUST-READS."

Turns out, I was misguided—on all 4 counts. Apologies to the millions of HP fans—I’m now one of you. ICH BIN EIN HARRY POTTER-ER!!!!

Some thoughts on Harry Potter books

  1. They're complex—seven long novels with interlocking plots, details, secrets and characters. How did Rowling keep track of it all? Post-it notes… index cards… spread sheets… interlocking charts?

  2. They're funny—portraits on the walls that talk and leave their home frames to visit to their neighboring portraits. There are schoolbooks with titles like "Which Broom" and "One Minute Feasts—It’s a Miracle!" and much, much more.

  3. They're mythological—represent the archetypal hero's journey; peppered with parallels to Greek, Druid, and Norse mythology.

  4. They've got rich, long sentences—some real doozies, stretching out to 50 words! FIFTY! They’re lovely things, encouraging kids (and adults) to appreciate complex thoughts along with what it takes to express those thoughts.

Granted, the writing on occasion is clunky, the storyline over-plotted, and villains cartoonish—but all of that’s incidental considering the totality of Rowling’s project. I’m enthralled… and surprised that I am! If you haven’t read Harry Potter… do!

For book clubs, we have Reading Guides for all seven… with discussion questions.

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