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Discussion Questions
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Also consider these LitLovers talking points to help get a discussion started for On Gold Mountain:

1. Discuss the obstacles that Fong See, Lisa's great grandfather, and Letticie Pruett, her caucasan great grandmother, were forced to overcome in order to marry. Also consider the hardships—the indignities and abuses—that each of them encountered in America, the land of equality and opportunity.

2. Lisa herself is only 1/8th Chinese. Do you feel she is qualified to tell the story of Chinese immigrants to this country?

3. How well does See deal with her mother Carolyn, who careened from one marriage to another? Carolyn, by the way, has also written a book; she and Lisa have worked together assisting one another on their separate family projects.

4. Discuss the roles that the women in Lisa's family play. How would you describe those women? What qualities do they exhibit?

5. How does the family's life in China, prior to emmigration, compare with their life in America? Better off? Worse off?

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