Perfume Collector (Tessaro)

Author Bio
Where—Pitts burgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Education—attended University of Pittsburgh
   and Carnegie Mellon University
Currently—lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kathleen attended the University of Pittsburgh before entering the drama program of Carnegie Mellon University. In the middle of her sophomore year, she went to study in London for three months and stayed for the next twenty-three years.

She began writing at the suggestion of a friend and was an early member of the Wimpole Street Writer’s Workshop. Her debut novel, Elegance (2003), became a bestseller. All of Kathleen's novels including Innocence (2005), The Flirt (2008), The Debutante (2011), and The Perfume Collector (2013) have been translated into many languages and sold all over the world. She returned to Pittsburgh in 2009, where she now lives with her husband and son. (From the author's website.)

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