Art of Racing in the Rain (Stein)

Author Bio
Where—Los Angelos, California, USA
Reared—Seattle, Washington
Education—B.A., M.F.A., Columbia University
Currently—lives in Seattle, Washington

Garth Stein, a former documentary film maker, was co-producer of the Academy Award-winning short film, The Lunch Date, and director of When Your Head's Not a Head, It's a Nut. He is the author of three novels, How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets, Raven Stole the Moon, and The Art of Racing in the Rain , and a play, Brother Jones. He lives in Seattle with his family. (From the publisher.)

From a 2008 Barnes & Noble interview:

I've climbed Mt. Rainier
I've explored the deepest cave in North America
I've acted with Carol Channing
I've ridden my bicycle to Alaska
I've met Bill Clinton
I've played basketball with Slick Watts
I've bathed in the Dead Sea, piloted a boat in the Suez Canal
I've paddled an outrigger in the Java Sea
I've fathered three sons whom I love very, very much.

What book most inspired his life as a writer?

Actor Prepares by Constantin Stanislavski. Actors must make clear and definite decisions at every turn about a character's intention, desires, and needs. A writer must assume the role of each actor in the story. A writer must know everything about every character in his writing. There are no accidents in fiction. Studying acting—especially this book—has greatly enhanced my writing. (From Barnes & Noble.)

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