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Stoker gives us the most remarkable scenes of horror…Each is unforgettable, and no movie has quite done justice to any of them.
Stephen King

Stoker puts a creative, psychoanalytic twist on the staple Gothic convention of the doggelganger...popularized by...The Strange Cae of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.... Over the century or so since Dracula was released, the popularity of the novel has mushroomed steadily....one of the reasons is surely the amazing versatility of Dracula, the different interpretations it admits, each with its own level of coherence and complexithy....  Unusual among novels of the period, Dracula has remained a favorite of popular fiction while becomeing a landmark of serious literature, has remained a timeless thriller, while becoming recognized as an important historical document, has remained a classic tale of the supernatural while coming into its own as commentary of the social condition.
Joseph Valente (Introduction to Simon & Schuster 2003 edition.)

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