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#MomsToo Fights Back Against the Book Trade
mothers against disrespect

Tired of being "written off" by authors

May 13, 2018
— Mothers have had enough. On Mother's Day, they took to the streets to protest their treatment at the hands of authors and publishers.

"We used to get knocked up. Now we get knocked off," said the group's organizer Iva Hadenov. "Authors have been getting rid of us in novel after novel. We're sick of it!"

Like wildfire
As #MomsToo spreads across the country—gaining members in every state—publishers, politicians, and pundits have been stunned by how quickly it has gone viral.

"By Jove! This thing's growing like wildfire," said NBC's Cal Brittlebastion. "We had no idea moms knew what social media was, let alone how to use it.

C. Paige Severn, of the Association of American Publishers, agreed: "Most of these gals are well into their 40s and beyond. 'What do they know?' we thought."

A 300 year history
Killing off fictional mothers goes back to the first novels—at least to the 1700s with Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders and continuing into the 1800s with Dickens's David Copperfield.

The 20th century saw the likes of Anne of Green Gables and Nancy Drew—no mothers. Solve that, Nancy.

Dozens of far more recent novels also lack mothers: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Ahab's Wife, The Goldfinch, I Liked My Life, to name only a very few.

Bernadette Peters, star of stage and screen, has become the most celebrated voice of #MomsToo.

"I've been smeared. They didn't just kill me off," steamed Peters. "They made me a child deserter!"
She is referring, of course, to the 2012 bestselling Where'd You Go, Bernadette?

"Of course it's about me," piped Peters. "What other Bernadette is there?"

Male support
Surprisingly, the #MomsToo movement  has drawn support from men.

"The quicker they win this thing, the quicker they'll get home to cook dinner," said one man, who wished to remain anonymous.

Fronta Loeb, special to The Daily News and LitLovers.

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