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LitClub:  Me Time Book Club
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

club me-time-wdclub me-time-lg4
TIME TO MAKE DINNER? Nooo... Time to clean the do cut the grass? No, no, and no. It's time to crack open a good book and read. It's me time!

What a great name. It's right on the mark.
Exactly. We believe in taking time away from all the stress of day-to-day living and doing something just for ourselves. Reading!

How did you get together? And how many members?
There are seven of us. We were part of the same circle of friends and all of us love to read. So in 2011 we decided to begin reading together.

You have a Book Club Mission Statement, right?.
Yes. Our mission is "to collectively enhance our minds through words in the form of books." Each member is encouraged to speak her mind without being judged.

What about rules.
We have several, actually:
You must read the book,
No Significant Others allowed
No kids allowed
Agree to Disagree
Speak your mind.

We also have club dues—but only if a meeting is held at a member's house. Everyone pays $10 to help with expenses.

So what have you been reading lately?
Here's our list over the past year:
Perfect Peace
Who Asked You?
Murder on Olympus
A House Divided
Sycamore Row
The Shack

Tell us about the interesting things your group does.
We invited Robert B. Warren to a meeting. Warren has written two books—a fantasy thriller, Murder on Olympus, which we read, and a contemporary thriller, Delete. (See photo, third row from bottom).

We're hosting a poetry night in honor of National Poetry month in April.  We also have fun with ice-breaker games and a gift exchange at our Christmas party.

What are the photos at the top of the page?
That's the annual three-mile walk—a fundraising event for the Lupus charity foundation. We participate every year.

Finally, how about some final words summing up the Me Time Book Club?
Our club is a lot of fun! We embrace each other’s different personalities and have great conversations. And, by the way, everyone reading this is welcome to visit our our website. We love people to see for themselves!

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