Ryan Gosling—The Face of LitLovers


Ryan Gosling—Real Genius Behind LitLovers

Practically Twins

Oct. 12, 2016: Hollywood, CA— Who really is LitLovers? The closely guarded secret that has kept the literary world guessing for years has finally been revealed.

According to Claudio Gatti, the investigator who recently unveiled the identify of Italian author Elena Ferrante, the genius behind LitLovers' extraordinary success is film star RYAN GOSLING.

"Gosling is a shape-shifter; he's been posing as "Molly Lundquist" for years," Gatti said.

Hollywood stunned
The news set the bi-coastal worlds of Hollywood and New York atwitter.


"I'm gobsmacked," tweeted Steve Carell. But think about it— you never saw them in the same room together; it's starting to make sense."

Look alikes
Daily News asked Gatti how Gosling got away with it for so long. "Easy," he said; "the two are practically twins."

"They have an uncanny resemblance to one another—eye color, hair color, even body build."

Hefty woman
Gosling's sculpted abs may explain why many—Donald Trump included—find Lundquist on the hefty side as a "woman."

"What looks great on him may not look so great on her," Gatti conceded.

Speech and writing
Gatti also noted a perfect match-up in Gosling's speech pattern with Lundquist's writing.

"Ryan makes liberal use of dashes and semicolons when he
talks—just like Molly when she writes," noted Gatti.

Follow the money
As happened in the Ferrante case, Gatti's tip-off came while examining Gosling's bank accounts.

"What caught my eye was the absolutely massive amounts of cash deposited every January and September," Gatti said."

The deposits line up with the same months LitLovers goes into high gear—when book clubs select their books.

Fronta L. Loeb, special to The Daily News and LitLovers.


0 #1 janet kenney 2016-10-11 23:18
I was wondering all along. Like Steve C said, you never saw them together in the same room. I mean that was a dead give-away!
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