Book Club Widowers (De Marco)

The Book Club Widowers 
John Michael De Marco, 2016
CreateSpace Publishing
360 pp.
ISBN-13: 9781532789601

A weekend beach trip sounds perfect for a group of women who enjoy discussing literature and sipping wine in the back of a fledgling bookstore.

But as the departure date arrives, most have to back out due to family demands, work needs, and illnesses. Thirty-something mothers Emma, Jackie, and Kari still get to go, and are viewed as "the lucky ones."

Until they vanish.

The three drive off on Thursday, their luggage stocked with stylish outfits, swim wear, and sunscreen. When they don't return on Sunday or respond to calls and texts the affected husbands, ex-husband, and friends know it's out of character. They call the police, but no clues emerge for months.

This is the story of "The Book Club Widowers," their children, and friends, as well as the perplexed police detectives and several mysterious characters who loom in the shadows with potential answers. (From the publisher.)

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