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beautifully foolish endeavor Beautifully Foolish Endeavor
Hank Green

A witty, thought-provoking sequel explaining all the weird things that happened in An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.
outsider castillo Outsider
Linda Castillo

The 12th Kate Burkholder book: an electrifying thiller about a woman on the run  hiding among the Amish.
book of lost names Book of Lost Names
Kristin Harmel

Based on a true story–a young woman with a talent for forgery helps 100s of Jewish children  flee the Nazis.
party upstairs Party Upstairs
Lee Connell

Inside a posh NYC apartment building, the building's super & his daughter spark a crisis that changes everything.
cleo mcdougal no regrets Cleo McDougal Has No Regrets
Allison Winn Scotch<

Politics is at the heart of this sharp, funny, and emotional novel about past regrets.
pull of stars Pull of the Stars
Emma Donoghue

In Dublin, 1918, a maternity ward during the Great Flu is a small world of work, risk, death, & unlooked-for love.
last of moon girls Last of the Moon Girls
Barbara Davis

Lizzy returns to her family's farm after her grandmother dies. A tale of magic, mystery, and romance.
shadows north The Shadows
Alex North

A copycat killing of a teenager 25 years after the original murder reopens old wounds in a small British town.
luster leilani Luster
Raven Leilani

A young artist finds herself living with her older lover, his eccentric wife, & the couple's adopted daughter. Propulsive.
trust no one Trust No One
Debra Webb

A powerful combination of police procedural and thriller in which every clue provides a fresh shock.
midnight sun meyers Midnight Sun
Stephanie Meyers

A return to the world of Twilight and the love story of Bella and Edward–this time from Edward's point of view.
walking with wind lewis Walking with the Wind
John Lewis

A gripping first-hand account of the fight for civil rights and the courage it takes to change a nation.


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beauty in breaking Beauty in Breaking
Michele Harper

An ER physician talks about how a life of service to others had  taught her how to heal herself. A memoir.
mexican gothic Mexican Gothic
Silvia Moreno-Garcia

A mansion. A charismatic aristocrat. And a brave socialite drawn to expose their treacherous secrets.
becoming duchess goldblatt Becoming Duchess Goldblatt

The story behind a beloved Twitter account reveals how a writer deep in grief rebuilt a life worth living. A memoir.
most beautiful thing A Most Beautiful Thing
Arshay Cooper

The true story of the nation's first all-Black rowing team that transformed both a sport and the young men's own lives.
florence adler swims forever Florence Adler Swims Forever
Rachel Beanland

A summer begins with a shocking tragedy, while a family grapples with grief, romance, and secrets.
safe place Safe Place
Anna Downes

Emily thinks she's found the perfect job on a lush French estate—but her employers' dark secrets will out.
friends strangers Friends and Strangers
J. Courtney Sullivan

An insightful, hilarious novel about a friendship between two women who are at two different stages in life.
utopia avenue Utopia Avenue
David Mitchell

A rollicking tale of a '60s Brit rock ’n’ roll band that reaches the height of fame & a U.S. tour that changes everything.
golden cage Golden Cage
Camilla Lackberg

A sexy thriller about a scorned wife's delicious plot for revenge to bring her billionaire husband to his knees.
very punchable face A Very Punchable Face
Colin Jost

In these hilarious essays, Saturday Night Live and Weekend Update's Jost learns how to take a beating.
last train key west Last Train to Key West
Chanel Cleeton

In 1935 three women are forever changed when a powerful hurricane barrels toward the Florida Keys.
what you wish for What You Wish For
Katherine Center

A spirited librarian attempts to save her school from a dour, uptight new principal and finds love in the process.


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death in mud lick Death in Mud Lick
Eric Eyre

A gripping investigation into corporate greed that pumped millions of pain pills into small Appalachian towns.
margot affair Margot Affair
Sanae Lemoine

The secret child of 2 famous parents drops a startling revelation & shatters her family in this beguiling debut.
ghosts of harvard Ghosts of Harvard
Francesca Serritella

A Harvard freshman, obsessed with her schizophrenic brother’s suicide, starts to hear voices.
overdue life of amy blye Overdue Life of Amy Byler
Kelly Harms

Free from responsibilities for her children, a school librarian  spends a magical summer in NYC. A great light read.
good marriage Good Marriage
Kimberly McCreight

A riveting tale of a woman’s brutal murder and the secrets couples keep in order to stay together.
second home Second Home
Christina Clancy

A single summer on Cape Cod splits apart the three Gordon teenagers, setting them off on life-altering trajectories.
guest list Guest List
Lucy Foley

A wedding celebration turns dark and deadly in this deliciously wicked and atmospheric thriller.
sex a vanity Sex and Vanity
Kevin Kwan

Yes. Heeees baaaack! This time with even crazier, richer Asians in a brand new, delicious romance.
last flight Last Flight
Julie Clark

Two women at a chance meeting in an airport bar make a fateful decision to switch tickets. A wild ride.
something to talk about Something to Talk About
Meryl Wilsner

A Hollywood showrunner and her assistant accidentally fuel a wild and inconvenient rumor in this debut romance.
lightness temple The Lightness
Emily Temple

A teen falls in with a team of girls at a Buddhist retreat and gets more than she bargained for. Rich & deeply compelling.

taste of sage Taste of Sage
Yaffa S. Santos

A delightful rom-com about cooking, chefs, love, and self-discovery. Clever, witty, and romantic.
lost found bookshop Lost and Found Bookshop
Susan Wiggs

Natalie finally has financial security, until she rushes home to rescue her late mother's charming bookstore.

you never forget your first You Never Forget Your First
Alexis Coe

A breezy new bio that offers fresh insight into one of our most written-about leaders. Informative & engaging.


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a burning majumdar A Burning
Megha Majumdar

Three unforgettable characters find their lives entangled in the wake of a catastrophe in contempary India.
humankind bregman Humankind: A Hopeful History
Rutger Bregman

A bold premise that humans' innate kindness has led to our long-term success on the planet.
alaric the goth Alaric the Goth: Outsider's History of the Fall of Rome
Douglas Boin

Denied citizenship, a Roman soldier unleashes a surprise attack on the empire's capital.
id give anything I'd Give Anything
Marisa de los Santos

A secret behind a horrific tragedy that marks a woman and her hometown comes to light 20 years later.
catherine house Catherine House
Elisabeth Thomas

An undergrad at an elite school uncovers a dark truth in this suspenseful gothic page-turner.
parakeet bertino Parakeet
Marie-Helene Bertino

Her grandmother is a parakeet. She says not to get married. She says: Go and find your brother.
devolution brooks Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Saskatch Massacre
Max Brooks

No more Zombies for Brooks. A wild new thriller about Bigfoot.
red dress in black white Red Dress in Black & White
Elliot Ackerman

The story of an American woman attempting to leave behind her life in Turkey—to leave without her husband.
exciting times Exciting Times
Naoise Dolan

A bracingly funny story of an Irish expat in Hong Kong, who falls in a love with a male banker and a female lawyer.
rodham sittenfeld Rodham
Curtis Sittenfeld

An entertaining political fantasy that imagines Hillary Clinton’s life had she and Bill never married.
great influenza Great Influenza: The Story of the Greatest Pandemic in History
John M. Barry

A bestseller in 2004 … and  again in 2020.
sad janet Sad Janet
Lucie Britsch

Hilarious, bitterly wise, and surprisingly warm, here is the depression comedy you never knew you needed.
house on fripp island House on Fripp Island
Rebecca Kauffman

Two families–one rich, one not–on vacation together; little do they know, someone won't  make it home.
white fragility White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism
Robin DiAngelo

Amazon's #1 Bestseller. The whys and the how-tos.


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ballad of songbirds snakes Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
Suzanne Collins

The world of Panem 64 years before the events of The Hunger Games.
hollywood park Hollywood Park
Mikel Jollett

A remarkable memoir of a childhood in one of the country’s most infamous cults.
book of little axe Book of the Little Axe
Lauren Francis-Sharma

1796 Trinidad: Rosa's life is upended. 1830 Montana: her son must find his vision in an  Apsaalooke rite of passage.
knockout queen Knockout Queen
Rufi Thorpe

Dazzling tale of two teenage friends a sunny California suburb, who are desperately  struggling to fit in.
death in her hands Death in Her Hands
Ottessa Moshfegh

The haunting tale of 72-yr.-old Vesta whose life is upturned when she finds an ominous note on a walk in the woods.

most fun weve ever had Most Fun We Ever Had
Carol Lombardo

A rich, engrossing family saga, spiked with sisterly malice. Impressive debut coming out soon in paperback.

fire in paradise Fire in Paradise: An American Tragedy
Alistair Gee

The harrowing story of the most destructive American wildfire in a century.
shakespeare for squirrels Shakespeare for Squirrels
Christopher Moore

Shakespeare meets Dashiell Hammett in this wildly entertaining murder mystery. Pure Christopher Moore!
grammarians schine Grammarians
Cathleen Schine

An enchanting, comic love letter to sibling rivalry and the English language. Soon to be in paperback.
these women pochoda These Women
Ivy Pochoda

Five very different women, caught up in fear and danger, are connected by one man with a deadly obsession.
hilarious world of depression Hilarious World of Depression
John Moe

John Moe illuminates depression in an entirely fresh and inspiring way.
vanishing half Vanishing Half
Brit Bennett

A stunning novel about twin sisters, who choose to live in two very separate worlds, one black and one white.


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all adults here All Adults Here
Emma Straub

A warm, funny novel about the life cycle of one family—as a matriarch confronts the legacy of her mistakes.
other bennet sister Other Bennet Sister
Janice Hadlow

Mary, the plain, bookish sister of Pride and Prejudice’s five Bennet sisters comes into her own.
book of v Book of V.
Anna Solomon

A bold novel intertwining the lives of 3 women across 3 centuries as their lives converge in the present day.
paris hours george Paris Hours
Alex George

In Paris between the wars, 4 ordinary people, over the course of a day, search for something each has lost.
jane austen society Jane Austen Society
Natalie Jenner

After World War II, in a small English village, an unusual group of people attempt something remarkable.


sea wife Sea Wife
Amity Gaige

A page page-turner about a young family who escape for a yearlong sailing trip that upends all of their lives.

kim jiyoung born 1982 Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982
Cho Nam-Joo

An international bestseller: one woman’s struggle against misogyny launched Korea’s new feminist movement.
shiner burns Shiner
Amy Jo Burns

On a lush mountaintop, 2 women vow to protect each other, while a young girl must defy her father to survive.
lincoln conspiracy meltzer Lincoln Conspiracy: Secret Plot to Kill the 16th President and Why It Failed
Brad Meltzer, Josh Mensch

The true story about an attempt on Lincoln's life & the team that foiled it.
simon the fiddler Simon the Fiddler
Paulette Jiles

At the end of the Civil War, an itinerant fiddle player, trying to make a living, falls in love with a charming Irish lass.
nobody will tell you this but me Nobody Will Tell You This But Me
Bess Kalb

In the funny, wise voice of her grandmother, Kalb brings family lore & secrets to life.
take me apart Take Me Apart
Sara Sliger

A novel of psychological suspense following a young archivist’s obsession with her subject’s mysterious death.


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book of lost friends Book of Lost Friends
Lisa Wingate

A tale of 3 young women post- Civil War and a modern-day teacher, who learns how they connect to her students' lives.
house cerulean sea House in the Cerulean Sea
TJ Klune

The master of an orphanage will do anything to keep his magical children safe, even if it means the world might burn.
camino winds Camino Winds
John Grisham

Back to Camino Island, where a friend is killed in a ferocious hurricane. But was it the storm… or was it murder? As twisty as the hurricane itself.
pretty things brown Pretty Things
Janelle Brown

Two women—one a grifter, the other an heiress—are brought together by the scam of a lifetime in this riveting page-turner.

conjure women Conjure Women
Afia Atakora

Mother & daughter–with a talent for healing & conjuring curses–are at the heart of this powerful post-civil war saga.

red lotus Red Lotus
Chris Bohjalian

A twisting story of love and deceit: an American man vanishes, & his fiance follows a troubling path to find him.
eighth life Eighth Life
Nino Haratischvili

Clocking in at app. 1,000 pp.– a breathtakingly engrossing, heartrending family saga. An int'l bestseller & prize winner.
save me the plums Save Me the Plums
Ruth Reichal

New in PAPERBACK: now for the 1st time, Reichl talks of her years as the top editor of the legendary Gourmet.
german heiress German Heiress
Anika Scott

A heart-pounding debut about a German heiress on the run in post-World War II Germany Is she a war criminal?
seven eight deaths Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna
Juliet Grames

A gripping saga about sisters, secrets, immigration, and a woman fighting her own fate.
godshot bieker Godshot
Chelsea Bieker

When her mother runs off, Lacey May becomes attached to an evangelical cult & enthralled to its preacher.
sweeney sisters Sweeney Sisters
Lian Dolan

After the death of their father three sisters learn that oops… they have another sister. It's complicated.


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address book mask Address Book: What Street Addresses Reveal about… Race, Wealth and Power
Deirdre Mask

A delightful work of popular history.
hidden valley road Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family
Robert Kolker

The true story of a large family beset with schizophrenia.
afterlife alvarez Afterlife
Julia Alvarez

In the midst of grief, Antonia must solve a family crisis AND help a young, undocumented pregnant woman.
how much these hills gold How Much of These Hills is Gold
C. Pam Zhang

The Wild West seen through the eyes of 2 Chinese orphans & their odyssey to find home.
beheld nesbit Beheld
TaraShea Nesbit

The story of the pilgrims and settlers of the Massachusetts Bay colony isn't quite what the history books tell us.
redhead by side road Redhead by the Side of the Road
Anne Tyler

Micah, rigid in his ways, is thrown off kilter by 2 people who enter his life.
book of longings Book of Longings
Sue Monk Kidd

Kidd deftly re-imagines the life of Jesus, marrying at 18 to a  courageous young woman who secretly yearns to write.


running with sherman Running with Sherman: The Donkey with the Heart of a Hero
Christopher McDougall

Healing a weak & debilitated donkey with love and a race.
chosen ones Chosen Ones
Veronica Roth

Ten years after their victory over the forces of evil, what is life like for the young celebrity heroes now?
southern book club vampire slaying Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires
Grady Hendrix

More Ted Bundy than Brad Pitt, a gorgeous man ingratiates himself into small town life.
code name helene Code Name Helene
Ariel Lawhon

True-to-life Aussie spy, Nancy Wake, should well become a household name with this remarkable book.


valentine wetmore Valentine
Elizabeth Wetmore

Women band together during the 1970s Texas oil boom to protect one another from a toxic masculine environment.
darling rose gold Darling Rose Gold
Stephanie Wrobel

Rose Gold testified, her mother went to prison, and that was the end of that. But not to be: old grudges die hard.
wild games Wild Game: My Mother, Her Lover, and Me
Adrienne Brodeur

A mother embroils her daughter in a dramatic affair affecting their lives for years.


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boys a sex Boys & Sex
Peggy Orenstein

Following her remarkable Girls & Sex, Peggy Orenstein. explores the sexual norms of males.
city we became The City We Became
N,K. Jemisin

From multi-award-winner Jemisin: an alien force launches an attack on New York. Five people are called to protect the city.
glass hotel mandel Glass Hotel
Emily St. John Mandel

A 20-something marries a wealthy financier whose Ponzi scheme unravels to disastrous effect. RAVES
tenant engberg The Tenant
Katrine Engberg

A killer follows, to the letter, a writer's murderous manuscript in this Danish author's U.S. debut. More thrilling Scandinavian noir.
good girls guide to murder Good Girl's Guide to Murder
Holly Jackson

A murder case doesn't add up, but a girl is determined to find the real killer.

uncanny valley Uncanny Valley: A Memoir
Anna Wiener

A sharp critique of Silicon Valley life and start-up culture in this funny yet frightening memoir of a once-upon-a-time insider.
illness beams Illness Lesson
Clare Beams

An all-girls school in the 1870s is thrown into chaos when students fall mysteriously ill.
untamed doyle Untamed
Glennon Doyle

Another inspiring feminist memoir from Doyle on defying society's narrow expectations gaining personal freedom.
jetsetters Jetsetters
Amanda Eyre Ward

Family members unpack their baggage, real & emotional, on a luxury cruise with Mom.
why we cant sleep Why We Can't Sleep
Ada Calhoun

An insightful analysis of today's new midlife crisis and why we're so anxious. Promisethis book won't put you to sleep.
kingdomtide Kingdomtide
Rye Curtis

An forest ranger finds a purpose in her life as she searches for the lone survivor of a plane crash.
wives fisher The Wives
Tarryn Fisher

Marriage is hard enough without having to compete with two other wives in Fisher's psychological thriller.
lady clementine Lady Clementine
Marie Benedict

The remarkable woman who stands side-by-side one of history's most remarkable men.
you are not alone You Are Not Alone
Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pakkanen

Lonely Shay Miller falls under the spell of two glamorous sisters. Yet things begin to feel a little off…. What do they want from her?


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apeirogon Apeirogon
Column McCann

Two fathers, an Israeli & Palestinian, live in a world of conflict–yet in tragedy they find friendship.
mirror light The Mirror and the Light
(Wolf Hall Trilogy, 3)

Hilary Mantel

The end of Mantel's monumental study of the powerful man behind Henry VIII's throne.
big lies small town Big Lies in a Small Town
Diane Chamberlain

A mystery set in a small town, and a tale of three artists who lived there over a span of 80 years.
my dark vanessa My Dark Vanessa
Kate Elizabeth Russell

A 15-year-old has an affair with her 40-year-old teacher. Then it is 17 years later… and #MeToo bursts on the scene. Explosive.
deacon king kong Deacon King Kong
James McBride

A quirky, at times even hilarious, story of those who bore witness to a fatal shooting in the late 60s.

night watchman Night Watchman
Louise Erdrich

A powerful story, based on Erdrich's own grandfather, who fought to keep Indian lands out of U.S. hands.
girl louding voice Girl with the Louding Voice
Abi Daré

A young Nigerian woman is determined to fight for her dreams.
oona out of order Oona Out of Order
Margarita Montimore

A remarkably inventive novel that explores what it means to live in the moment, even if those moments are out of order.
good neighbor A Good Neighborhood
Therese Anne Fowler

Things were perfect…until they weren't. Life gets complicated in modern suburbia!
saint x Saint X
Alexis Schaitkin

The death of a teenager while on vacation in the Caribbean reverberates through many lives and many years.
greenwood christie Greenwood
Michael Christie

The rise & fall of a family's fortunes are tied to its vast old-growth forest. A magnificent saga.
sun down motel Sun Down Motel
Simone St. James

Something's not been right at the Sun Down for a long time. Could it be haunted? Carly Kirk is about to find out. Spooky.
in five years In Five Years
Rebecca Serle

It was a perfect day until Dannie woke up 5 years in the future … with a completely different man.
writers lovers Writers & Lovers
Lily King

An aspiring writer tries to find herself after losing her mother. She's 30, alone in Boston, and has nothing to hold onto.


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american dirt American Dirt
Jeanine Cummins

Rave reviews. A Mexican mother and young son run for their lives, making the long trek to the US.
separation anxiety Separation Anxiety
Laura Zigman

Poor Judy, middle-aged and anxious. Can coddling the pooch in a baby sling save a marriage? Funny and poignant.
authenticity Authenticity Project
Clare Pooley

A single green notebook brings together strangers, leading to friendship and even love.

splendid vile The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz
Erik Larson

An intimate picture of the great man defying the German Blitz.
dear edward Dear Edward
Ann Napolitano

The lone survivor of a plane crash, young Edward struggles to learn what it means to truly live again.
such fun age Such a Fun Age
Kiley Reid

A black babysitter and her priveleged white employer confront an unforseen fall-out from an incident in a grocery store.
eight perfect murders Eight Perfect Murders
Peter Swanson

A bookstore owner creates a list of perfect murder mysteries. But someone is using the list…for real.
things jars Things in Jars
Jess KIdd

Searching for a missing girl, super-sleuth Birdie treds thru Victorian London streets…and unearths a secret past best left alone.
long bright river Long Bright River
Liz Moore

A police procedural–family drama about two sisters: one a cop, one an addict. Propulsive.
third rainbow girl Third Rainbow Girl: The Long Life of a Double Murder in Appalachia
Emma Copely Eisenberg

Unsolved murders inspire this true crime story–memior. Insightful.
long petal of sea Long Petal of the Sea
Isabel Allende

The epic tale of young couple fleeing Spain after the civil war. Pub Weekly calls it "majestic."
this happiness This Is Happiness
Niall Williams

A young Dubliner in a cozy Irish village. Washington Post critic says reading this book is "truly happiness" in itself.
other mrs kubica The Other Mrs.
Mary Kubica

A fresh start for a doctor and her family becomes a living nightmare when a neighbor is murdered.

weather offill Weather
Jenny Offill

Overwhelmed librarian is caught up in doomsday predictions as she fields letters from a podcast. Sardonic, funny, and wise.


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bad blood carreyrou Bad Blood
John Carreyrou

The shockingly true tale of a Silicon Valley company's corruption & a lot of look-the-other wayism.
olive again Recipe for a Perfect Wife
Karma Brown

Alice finds a cookbook of her  house's previous owner, inspiring her to question her own life choices.
followers angelo Followers
Megan Angelo

Two narratives–in 2015 and 2051–two women, & two chilling versions of celebrity culture.
run me to earth Run Me to Earth
Paul Yoon

The tragic but beautiful story of 3 teens in war-torn Laos. Fate deals each different blows, and we catch up with them in the aftermath. RAVES.
lost book adana moreau Lost Book of Adana Moreau
Michael Zapata

A lost sci-fi manuscript, Hurricane Katrina, & over-lapping universes.
unknown valor Unknown Valor
Martha MacCallum

The little know heroism of marines who stormed the Pacific isles during World War II. Epic in its sweep, intimate in its telling.
minor dramas west Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes
Kathleen West

Helicoptor mom, kids from privilege, and one kind but kooky teacher. Oh, boy.
wilmingtons lie Wilmington's Lie
David Zucchino

The true story of  Wilmington, Delaware's massacre of its black community … & the cover-up that persisted for 100 years.
mountains sing mai Mountains Sing
Nguyen Phan Que Mai

A sweeping tale of one family's shifting fortunes in Vietnam over half a century.
yellow bird oil murder Yellow Bird: Oil, Murder, and a Woman's Search for Justice in Indian Country
Sierra Crane Murdoch

An eye-opening view of the oil economy and Native Americans.
mr nobody Mr. Nobody
Cahterine Steadman

A body on a beach, a clue written on his hand…but to what? His identity? Or  something more sinister?
yellow bird sings rosner Yellow Bird Sings
Jennifer Rosen

A mother & her child-prodigy daughter struggle to survive the Holocaust by telling stories and remembering the power of music.
night country albert The Night Country (Hazel Wood Series, 2)
Melissa Albert

A worthy sequel to Albert's immersive Hazel Wood series. This one in NYC.
you were there too You Were There Too
Colleen Oakley

A married woman meets the man of (in) her dreams and must decide what to do. Are the two meant to be together?


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body bryson The Body: A Guide for Occupants
Bill Bryson

An informative, engaging, and often funny guided tour of the human body.
letters from astrophysicist Letters from an Astrophysicist
Neil deGrasse Tyson

What's not to love about this astrophysicist? He even takes time to answer his fan mail.
cilkas journey Cilka's Journey
Heather Morris

From Auschwitz to a Siberian prisoner camp, Cilka must learn to find good in humanity, joy in life… and love above all.
me elton john Me: Elton John Official Autobiography

From a scrappy childhood to the height of fame, Elton John reveals his life and some of his deepest secrets.
family upstairs Family Upstairs
Lisa Jewell

Bodies are found in the attic of a mansion: why? Then the estranged children return, & dark secrets come out.
need helen phillips The Need
Helen Phillips

A masked intruder upends the life of a mother, prompting her to question her life and ask … is any of this is even real.
get life chloe brown Get a Life, Chloe Brown
Talia Hibbert

A life-time chronic condition, a list for living, a hunky guy, and a smart, funny heroine that you can't help but love.
revisioners wilkerson The Revisioners
Margaret Wilkerson

Five generations after slavery, their ascent to freedom is reimagined by strong women with a magical gift.
great pretender Great Pretender: Undercover Mission that Changed Our Understanding of Madness
Susannah Cahalan

A psychiatrist sends an under-cover team into an asylum.
starless sea Starless Sea
Erin Morgenstern

A timeless love story set in a secret underground world of  pirates, lovers, liars, & ships that sail upon a starless sea.
in the dream house In the Dream House
Carmen Maria Machado

A haunting memoir in which Machado reveals the mental and physical abuse she was subjected to by her girlfriend.
will my cat eat my eyeballs Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? Big Questions from Tiny Mortals about Death
Caitlin Doughty

Everyone's favorite mortician this time answers questions from children about death.


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catch a kill Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators
Ronan Farrow

Uncovering the Harvey Weinstein scandal.
giver of stars Giver of Stars
Jojo Moyes

Based on a true story, five women, "the Packhorse Librarians," take literature into the hills of Kentucky.
celestial bodies Celestial Bodies
Jokha Alaharthi
Man Booker Prize

An arranged marriage, a child, Omani history, and the winds of change.
imaginary friend Imaginary Friend
Stephen Chbosky

A boy and his mother, fleeing abuse, find evil elsewhere, lurking in the woods. Stephen King would be proud.
dearly beloved wall Dearly Beloved
Cara Wall

Co-pastors of a NYC church in 1963: two couples, wildly different, must come to grips with faith and culture.
life undercover cia Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA
Amaryliss Fox

A thrilling memoir of 10 years spent in covert ops with the CIA … & finally calling it quits.
disappearing earth Disappearing Earth
Julia Phillips

The disappearance of twin girls shakes a rural culture on the most northeastern edge of the Russian continent.
ninth house Ninth House
Leigh Bardugo

At the top of her form, Bardugo releases her 1st adult fantasy to raves. This one takes place in the secret societies of Yale.
drive your plow Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead
Olga Tokarczuk
Nobel Prize

A mystical detective novel set in a remote Polish village.
nothing to see here Nothing to See Here
Kevin Wilson

Twins with a habit of bursting into flames whenever they're upset. Lillian, their governess, takes them on.
find me aciman Find Me
Andre Aciman

Ten years after parting ways, two men, once lovers & now on different continents, seek to find one another.
quichotte rushdie Quichotte
Salman Rushdie

incomparable Rushdie bases his newest on Don Quixote; today's windmills are the vacuities of American culture.


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chestnut man Chestnut Man
Soren Sveistrup

A serial killer in Denmark targets young mothers as part of a complex scheme. Terrifically scary.
ten thousand doors Ten Thousand Doors of January
Alix E. Harrow

A young girl finds that written words have the power to open doors, which lead to new worlds and new discoveries
duck newburyport Ducks, Newburyport
Lucy Ellman

A mother of 4 in Ohio contemplates her kids, cat, 'fridge– all in a constant tumble & flow of words.
testaments atwood The Testaments
Margaret Atwood

The long-hoped-for sequel to The Handmaid's Tale. Now 15 years later, the foundations of Gilead begin to tremble.
dutch house Dutch House
Ann Patchett

A grand house & the family who lives in it: a brother & sister displaced by a cruel stepmother.
this tender land This Tender Land
William Kent Krueger

Four children escape down the Minnesota River, finding friends, evading foes, and searching for home.
olive again Olive Again

She's baaaaack! Olive Kitteridge reenters our lives and those of Crosby, Maine. Rave reviews.
topeka school 2 Topeka School
Ben Lerner

The story of a family, its struggles and its strengths, and the challenge of raising a good son in a culture of toxic masculinity.
red at bone Red at the Bone
Jacqueline Woodson

A teen pregnancy pulls two Brooklyn families together, exposing disappointments, hopes & longings.
water dancer Water Dancer
Ta-Neishi Coates

A young slave boy is endowed with magical powers which, after his escape, he puts to use in the underground railroad.
secrets we kept Secrets We Kept
Lara Prescott

The thrilling but true tale of secretaries turned spies, who smuggle Doctor Zhivago out of the USSR.
whisper man north Whisper Man
Alex North

A serial killer has been locked up for 10 years, so who is mimicking his M.O? And who could have taken 6-year-old Neil Spencer?
she said kantor

She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story
Kantor and Twohey

The gripping account of the two reporters who outed Harvey Weinstein.

world we knew World That We Knew
Alice Hoffman

Berlin, 1941: Ettie, daughter of a rabbi, creates a magical golem to protect young Lea, while Etti herself heads for the resistance.


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all this could be yours All This Could Be Yours
Jami Attenberg

As the brutish father dies, a family struggles to make sense of its past—& come to terms with its present.
lager queen minnesota Lager Queen of Minnesota
J. Ryan Stradal

A family inheritance tears two Minnesota sisters apart—but years later, there may be a chance to make amends.
beekeeper aleppo Beekeeper of Aleppo
Christy Lefteri

Fleeing war in Syria, a couple undertakes a perilous journey to find peace in their life and hope in their marriage.
never have i ever Never Have I Ever
Joshilyn Jackson

Amy Whey's sins come back to haunt her when she's extorted for money by a glamorous stranger.
deep river marlantes Deep River
Karl Marlantes

A breathtaking family saga of Finnish immigrants settling in the old-growth forests of the American Northwest.
red white royal blue Red, White & Royal Blue
Casey McQuiston

What if the half-Mexican son of the first female US president  fell in love with Prince Henry, England’s heir?
gods jade shadow Gods of Jade and Shadow
Silvia Moreno-Garcia

The Mayan god of death sends a young woman on a harrowing journey in this dark Mexican fairy tale.
right swipe Right Swipe
Alisha Rai

Two rival dating-app creators find themselves at odds in the boardroom but in sync in the bedroom.
hollow kingdom Hollow Kingdom
Kiri Jane Buxton

A romp through a zombie Apocalypse, with a foul-mouthed crow as our guide and narrator.
secrets we keep hewitt Secrets We Keep
Kate Hewitt

Two women befriend one another at a lake house. But one carries a secret that could changes their lives forever.
how to be antiracist How to Be an Antiracist
Ibram X. Kendi

A combination of ethics, history, law, and science with the author's own story of awakening to antiracism.
things you save in fire Things You Save in a Fire
Katherine Center

Cassie is a firefighter with a passion for saving lives. But can she rescue herself from her own emotional fortress?
inland obreht Inland
Tea Obreht

Arizona Territory, 1893: Two remarkable lives collide in a magical epic journey. Camels included.
turn of key ware Turn of the Key
Ruth Ware

 A nanny alone, a house that appears haunted, and children who aren’t quite what they seem.


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bookish life nina hill Bookish Life of Nina Hill
Abbi Waxman

Introvert Nina learns she has a huge extended family–& they all want to meet her… Oh nooooo!!
scent keeper Scent Keeper
Erica Bauermeister

Emmeline's talent for identifying scents aids her in a journey of self-discovery once she leaves her remote childhood home.
city of girls City of Girls
Elizabrth Gilbert

In the 1940s, Vivian heads to glitzy NYC, where she learns far, far more than she ever bargained for.
stationery shop Stationery Shop
Marjan Kamali

In 1953, Roya's hopes of marrying Bahman are dashed when he disappears during the Iranian coup d'etat. What happened to him?
evvie drake starts over Evvie Drake Starts Over
Linda Holmes

A funny, charming rom-com in which long-time friends find love and new beginnings.

stay sexy dont get murdered Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered: How to Guide
Kilagraff and Hardstack

The popular My Favorite Murder podcasters share their personal struggles and deepest fears.
late migrations Late Migrations
Margaret Renkl

A gorgeous memoir of family loss and the consolations of beauty & death in the natural world.
three women Three Women
Lisa Taddeo

A riveting true story about the sex lives of three very different American women, based on nearly a decade of reporting
nickel boys Nickel Boys
Colson Whitehead

Based on the real story of a reform school in Florida that warped the lives of 1000s of children.
underland macarlane Underland
Robert MacFarlane

An extraordinary journey in "deep time" — exploring what lies  beneath both the natural world and ancient civilizations.
recursion crouch Recursion
Blake Couch

A force sweeping the world threatens not only minds but the very fabric of time itself. Thrilling sci-fi.
unhoneymooners lauren Unhoneymooners
Christina Lauren

They're not married & can't stand one another. But when a chance for a free honeymoon crops up, what's there to lose?
resistance women Resistance Women
Jennifer Chiaverini

An intimate, historical tale of four women who do what they can to help the resistance in Germany.
whisper network Whisper Network
Chandler Baker

A new boss takes over. But whispers surround the way he's treated women for years. A bitterly funny, bracing, & timely thriller.


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ask again yes Ask Again, Yes
Mary Beth Keane

Friendship between two families is breached when tragedy occurs. About the power of forgiveness.
furious hours Furious Hours
Casey Cep

A series of rural Alabama murders inspired Harper Lee to write again, years after To Kill a Mockingbird.
book woman troublesome Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
Kim Michele Richardson

An indomitable librarian travels by pack horse to deliver books during the Great Depression.

guest book blake Guest Book
Sarah Blake

Past mistakes & betrayals ripple through generations of a privileged American family, that used to "run the world."
bride test Bride Test
Helen Hoang

A young Vietnamese woman travels to America hoping to find a husband and a better life.

the last jameson The Last
Hanna Jameson

A historian documents his days hiding out in a Swiss hotel after a nuclear war… when the body of a young girl is found.
cape may cheek Cape May
Chip Cheek

A naive young couple in Cape May meets up with rich, urban sophisticates. Uh-oh.
light from other stars Light from Other Stars
Erika Swyler

A town falls into a sinkhole in time, and a spacecraft prepares a planet for colonization race to fix their life support system.
courting mr lincoln Courting Mr Lincoln
Louis Bayard

The courtship of Mary Todd and Abe Lincoln in this delightful new take on American history.
mother in law Mother-in-Law
Sally Hepworth

When a family matriarch dies unexpectedly, evidence points to possible homicide… and too many family members with motives.
farm ramos The Farm
Joanne Ramos

Set in a luxurious secret facility where women who need money bear children for the wealthy.
southern lady code Southern Lady Code
Helen Ellis

Humorous, even hilarious, essays on southern etiquette and traditions from an Alabamian now living in NYC.
flight portfolio Flight Portfolio
Julie Orringer

American journalist Varian Fry’s helps famous artists out of Nazi-occupied France.
woman no importance Woman of No Importance
Sofia Purnell

The book's subtitle says it all: "The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II." A Gripping story of a true hero.


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boy swallows universe Boy Swallows Universe
Trent Dalton

A wonderful tale of a boy’s coming of age in 1980s Australia–infused with crime, magic & fate.
lost roses Lost Roses
Martha Hall Kelly

A prequel to the author's beloved Lilac Girls. Set on the cusp of WW I–fleeing the collapse of Russia & the Romanov family.
editor rowley The Editor
Steven Rowley

A young writer meets his new editor–who's none other than Jackie Kennedy Onassis! Whoa…
maybe you should talk Maybe You Should to Talk to Someone
Lori Gottlieb

A gaze into the process of psychotherapy while the author battles her own demons.
girl he used to know Girl He Used to Know
Tracey Gravis Graves

A woman on the autism spectrum bumps into an old sweetheart, sparking hope for something more.
miracle creek Miracle Creek
Angie Kim

A web of lies surrounds a fatal fire at an unusual treatment facility in this courtroom drama. Learning & page-turning in one book.
honey bus Honey Bus
Meredith May

A moving memoir of how helping her grandfather tend his beehives helped a troubled girl survive.
normal people Normal People
Sally Rooney

A young Irish couple gets together, splits up, gets together, splits up…but no spoilers here. Humor and insight throughout.
i miss you when i blink I Miss You When I Blink
Mary Laura Philpott

Musings on the ups & downs of life as a mother-wife-career woman. Big-hearted & funny.
parisian hammad The Parisian
Isabella Hammad

The life of one man against the stormy backdrop of Palestine in the final years of British occupation. Big, beautiful, packed.
last stone Last Stone
Mark Bowden

True crime story, focused on a heartbreaking 40-year-old cold case. Riveting.
queenie carty williams  Queenie
Candice Carty-Williams

The life and loves of Queenie Jenkins, a vibrant, troubled 25-year-old Jamaican Brit who is not having a very good year.
lights all night long Lights All Night Long
Lydia Fitzpatrick

Devoted brothers, a world apart, (Russia & the US) are enmeshed in a mystery.
trust exercise Trust Exercise
Susan Choi

First love for high school drama students twists into something much darker; Choi has won big kudos for this work.
lost and wanted Lost and Wanted
Nell Freudenberg

An MIT physicist gets a text from her dead best friend. Big issues, yet smart and witty.
women talking Women Talking
Miriam Toews

Sexually abused Mennonite women gather to talk about their options–the 1st time any have ever spoken up for themselves.


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beautiful bad Bad Beautiful
Annie Ward

A psychological thriller that  begins with a 911 call from a couple with a 3-year-old son.
impossible climb Impossible Climb: Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and the Climbing Life
Mark Synnott

The true story of a young man who climbed 3,000 feet of a sheer rock face–and stunned the world.
before she knew him Before She Knew Him
Peter Swanson

A twisty, fast-paced  thriller depicting picket-fence suburbia's seamy, murderous underside.
island sea women Island of Sea Women
Lisa See

Set on Korea's Jeju Island, where women divers, called the Haenyeo, risk their lives in hard physical labor. A tale of young friendship.

bird king Bird King
G. Willow Wilson

A swashbuckling fantasy novel amid an epic clash between cultures during the Spanish Inquisition.
little faith Little Faith
Nickolas Butler

A family is ripped apart and nearly destroyed when one of its own becomes involved with a radical church.
care feeding ravenous Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls
Anissa Gray

A trio of sisters reel from a criminal conviction in this moving debut.

lost night Lost Night
Andrea Bartz

A woman must confront gaps in her memory as she investigates the death of best friend a decade earlier.
gingerbread Gingerbread
Helen Oyeyemi

A novel set in the land of fairy tales that riffs on "Hansel and Gretel" … without the breadcrumbs.
priory orange tree Priory of the Orange Tree
Samantha Shannon

A massive epic fantasy with court intrigue, travel in dangerous lands, fantastical religions, blood and, of course, love. A #1 bestseller.
hunting party Hunting Party
Lucy Foley

Old friends gather in a English manse… but one  turns up dead. Agatha would be thrilled.

say nothing Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland
Patrick Radden Keefe

A gripping account of a murder and its aftermath when peace finally comes to Belfast.
huntress quinn The Huntress
Kate Quinn

A Nazi "Huntress" commits unspeakable war crimes then vanishes in the postwar chaos.
we must be brave We Must Be Brave
Frances Liardet

In WWII England, a childless woman discovers joy after she begins caring for a young girl. A beautiful story of love and loss.


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at wolfs table At the Wolf's Table
Rosella Postorino

Haunting story of young women forced to protect Hitler…by testing his food for poison every day.
last year of war Last Year of the War
Susan Meissner

Two girls meet in a US internment camp during WWII. Eventually separated, they spend decades searching for one another.
city middle of night City in the Middle of the Night
Charlie Jane Anders

Exiled from the city on planet January, Sophie befriends an unusual species.
lost man Lost Man
Jane Harper

Three brothers in the Australian Outback: one is found dead–by his own hand … or not. Deeply buried secrets begin to surface.
daisy jones the six Daisy Jones & The Six
Taylor Jenkins Reid

A rock band–headed by beautiful & talented Daisy Jones–breaks up, & we learn why.
river peter heller
The River
Peter Heller

Camping, two young men feel the force of nature–a rampaging forest fire and a heated domestic dispute. It all means trouble.
friend is gift you give yourself Friend is a Gift You Give Yourself
William Boyle

An unlikely trio of women band together to escape the clutches of the mob. A screwball crime noir!
wartime sisters Wartime Sisters
Lynda Cohen Loigman

Estranged sisters, burdened with their own shocking secrets, are reunited at the Springfield Armory in the early days of WWII.
golden child Golden Child
Claire Adam

Set in Trinidad, a father must make a devastating choice regarding his twin sons.
when all is said When All Is Said
Anne Griffin

At the bar of a grand hotel sits 84-year-old Maurice. Pull up a stool & refresh your drink: we're about to hear his remarkable story.
good riddance Good Riddance
Elinor Lipman

Daphne tosses out her late mother's old year book, unleashing a series of crazy events.
where forest meets stars Where the Forest Meets the Stars
Glendy Vanderah

A mysterious girl, a researcher in rural illinois, & a reclusive neighbor learn to love and trust again.
in another time In Another Time
Jillian Cantor

A blend of historical and science fiction: it's WWII, & two young people fall in love in Germany.
woman is no man Woman Is No Man
Etaf Rum

Three generations of Palestinian-American women are torn between individual desire & the strict mores of Arab culture.


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age of light Age of Light
Whitney Scharer

The tumultuous story of photographers Man Ray & Lee Miller, former model, in 1930s Paris.
lost children archive Lost Children Archive
Valeria Luiselli

A remarkable fictional take on families trying to enter the U.S. Intimate, intelligent & emotional.
american spy American Spy
Lauren Wilkinson

An African-American intelligence agent takes part in a real-life African coup d’etat 30 years ago.

lost girls paris Lost Girls of Paris
Pam Jenoff

Based on real-life WW II history: a team of British female spies dropped behind Nazi lines in German occupied Europe.
black leopard Black Leopard, Red Wolf
Marion James

An African "Game of Thrones" fantasy in which a missing boy may be heir to a fabled kingdom.

more than words More Than Words
Jill Santopolo

A hotel heiress takes care of her dying father and discovers his deepest held secrets. A tale of self-discovery for Nina.
bowlaway Bowlaway
Elizabeth McCracken

Whimsical take on an odd-ball group of people who adore one another and adore bowling.
next year in havana Next Year in Havana
Chanel Cleeton

In Havana, a Cuban-American woman discovers a long hidden family secret–leading to a new understanding of her true self.
early riser Early Riser
Jasper Fforde

Richly detailed, humorous dystopia about most of Wales hibernating through the harsh, wild Winter.
night tiger Night Tiger
Yangsze Choo

A young houseboy and a dressmaker's apprentice are drawn into a mystery in 1930s Malaya. Sumptuous & riveting.

falconer czapnik Falconer
Dana Czapnik

A teen basketball player, smart, talented & female, struggles to grow up in NYC in 1993.

one day in december One Day in December
Josie Silver

A lovely, propulsive romance about two people, missed connections at love, and final chances. Read it any time of year.
girls 17 swann street Girls at 17 Swann Street Yara Zgheib

The riveting tale of a dancer turned anorexic now fighting for her life.
silent patient Silent Patient
Alex Michaelides

A wife mysteriously shoots her  husband–then refuses to utter another word. But a pyschologist believes he can win her over.
her one mistake Her One Mistake
Heidi Perks

Bone-chilling work of psychological suspense in which a woman loses her best friend's daughter.

storytellers secret Storyteller's Secret
Sejal Badani

After a miscarriage, a journalist heads to India to learn about her remarkable grandmother and a family legacy.
last romantics Last Romantics
Tara Conklin

A sweeping yet intimate epic about an American family: reminiscent of Ian McEwan's Atonement.
winter sister Winter Sister
Megan Collins

When a woman heads home to help her ailing mother, she must come to grips with the death of her sister 16 years earlier.


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au pair rous Au Pair
Emma Rous

A strange photo causes Seraphine to wonder about her identity & the family's deepest secrets.
late in day Late in the Day
Tessa Hadley

The death of one man has a devastating impact on his wife and the couple who have been dear friends for years.
code name lisa Code Name: Lise: The True Story of the Woman Who Became World War II's Most Highly Decorated Spy
Larry Loftis
Reads like a thriller.
only woman in room Only Woman in the Room
Marie Benedict

A novel based on the true story of film star Hedy Lamarr and her brilliant invention to help the U.S. war effort.
current johnston The Current
Tim Johnston

A young woman turns Nancy Drew after losing her friend in an accident. But was it an accident?
paragon hotel Paragon Hotel
Lyndsay Faye

In 1921 a white woman flees the mob & the East Coast, finding refuge in a hotel for people of color in Portland, Oregon.
elsey come home Elsey Come Home
Susan Conley

An American expat in China attends a retreat to try to cope with old hurts and losses.
she lies in wait lodge She Lies in Wait
Gytha Lodge

A teen girl went missing; 30 years later her body turns up & a small-town cop is determined to find the truth.

freefall flotis Freefall
Jessica Berry

A woman with a secret survives a plane crash only to be stalked by a ruthless killer.
water cure Water Cure
Sophie Mackintosh

A dystopic fantasy about three sisters on an isolated island, raised to fear men. And then a boy and 2 men wash ashore
ghost wall Ghost Wall
Sarah Moss

A teen joins a group enacting life in the iron age but fears enactment of that age's brutality.
weight of piano Weight of a Piano
Chris Cander

Two women and the piano that inexorably ties their lives together through time and across continents.
kiss quotient  Kiss Quotient
Helen Haong

An autistic woman takes a methodical approach to learning about sex but gets a lesson in love.

winter of the witch  Winter of the Witch
Katherine Arden

Last in the series of The Bear and The Nightingale and The Girl in the Tower—a trilogy critics have called "bewitching."


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12 dogs christmas 12 Dogs of Christmas
David Rosenfelt

Love dogs? Consider this for the next Christmas season.
looker sims Looker
Laura Sims

A woman whose obsession with the beautiful actress on her block drives her to the edge.
adults hulse The Adults
Caroline Hulse

An ex-husband and wife holiday together with their partners and daughter. What could go wrong?
maid land The Maid
Stephanie Land

A single mother struggles in poverty to raise her daugher while working for well-off clients.
dreamers walker The Dreamers
Karen Thompson Walker

An ordinary town is transformed by a mysterious illness that triggers perpetual sleep.
no exit adams No Exit
Taylor Adams

Four strangers, a blizzard, a kidnapped child, and a young woman desperate to outwit a vicious psychopath.
far field Far Field
Madhuri Vijay

A young Indian woman sets out for a Himalayan village in the troubled region of Kashmir.
once upon river setterfield Once Upon a River
Diane Setterfield

A powerful novel about the disappearance of three little girls and its devastating effect on their small town.

gown robson The Gown
Jennifer Robson

Two women befriend one another as they create the gown for Prince Elizabeth's wedding to Philip.
sugar run Sugar Run
Mesha Maren

A 35-year-old woman, newly released from prison, sets out with her girl friend to return to her home in West Virginia.
inheritance shapiro Inheritance
Dani Shapiro

A memoir about the staggering family secret uncovered by a genealogy test.
these truths
These Truths
Jill Lepore

An engaging (and long) history of the U.S. and its difficulty in living up to the promise of equal rights for all citizens.
leave no trace Leave No Trace
Mindy Mejia

A thriller about the strange disappearance of a boy and his return 10 years later.

watching you jewell Watching You
Lisa Jewell

A murder shocks residents of a wealthy English village where everyone seems to watch everyone else.

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