Running with Stilettos (Wagner)

Running with Stilettos:  Living a Balanced Life in Dangerous Shoes
Mary T. Wagner, 2008; 2013
185 pp.
ISBN-13: 9781481216692


You can look at it as finally abandoning the last of the feminine "rescue" fantasies. Or maybe it was just a dose of latent pioneer spirit coming to the surface. Though Davy Crockett never had one of these. (Of course, Davy Crockett never had a pair of leopard-print stilettos in his closet either. Or so we hope.) Either way, I bought a chainsaw...

After a long fall from a tall horse put journalist and soccer mom Mary T. Wagner in a body cast for three months, she didn't take it as a sign to ease back on the throttle. Instead she decided to change careers, went to law school, became a prosecutor, and bought her first pair of spike heels. She never could step entirely away from writing, however, with the result that she’s been called “the Midwest’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw” and “the reincarnation of Erma Bombeck…in sexier shoes.”

By turns funny, touching, courageous and enterprising, this award-winning and inspiring collection of slice-of-life essays is what one reviewer called "life writing at its best." Wagner takes her readers along as she discovers the freedom and joy of riding on the back of a Harley; learns to embrace power tools after her divorce; and finds new tokens of love the second time around in the form of bonfires and car repairs.

Filled with humor, resilience and grace under pressure, Running with Stilettos is a wide-open window into one woman's mission to give every day her best fabulous shoes. (From the author.)

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