Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend (Dicks)

Discussion Questions
1. “I am not imaginary,” says Budo. Do you believe him?

2. Might you relate differently to Max if the story was told from another character’s point of view? How does Budo’s voice shape your understanding of Max?

3. Max’s mother wants desperately to understand what is wrong with Max, while his father wants desperately to believe that there is nothing wrong. Who do you side with?

4. Budo seems to watch a lot of television. How do his viewing habits shape his perception of the world?

5. Budo straddles many worlds: child and adult; real and imaginary. Could the same be said for other characters in this book?

6. Mrs. Patterson did a terrible thing. But is there any way in which her actions may have been beneficial to Max?

7. What does Budo fear most? Why does he think that Max’s mom and dad are his biggest danger?

8. The author, Matthew Dicks, is an elementary school teacher. In what ways can you see the influence of this “day job” on his writing?
(Questions issued by publisher.)

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