Lessons On Safety (Kumar)

Lessons On Safety 
Deepa Kumar, 2014
Yashram Lifestyle Brand
50 pp.
ISBN-13: 9788193016206

When is it too early to start talking to your child about Child Sexual Abuse? Apparently never! Incidents are happening closer together and the only way to protect our children is educating them on what it is, and how to prevent it.

But the dilemma that doesn't go away, is how to do it without scaring them or giving them a lasting stranger anxiety?

Ms. P, a pink dragon has the answers. This zany creature hangs out at   www.howtotellyourchild.com and does everything from play games to tell stories and sing songs-anything to get the message across in a fun, yet unforgettable way.

This workbook is on child sexual abuse prevention is empowering, practical and even fun comes with a cd where the video on Child Sexual Abuse where a group of very young children get to win a super-cool star. As long as they can answer the safety quiz. They learn to identify "Touch Alert," "See Alert," and others with the help of visual cues and a story. These"alerts" are part of a 5-level protection program.

Abuse is often viewed as just the physical act. What people don’t realize is that most abusers work up to it, beginning with finding ways to be alone with a child, saying provocative things to them, and performing small tests like asking to see or offering to show, before they finally begin to touch them.

Also, good touch/bad touch is threatening and scares children. Making listsof circles of love and recognizing the five alerts with the help of fun visuals, as shown in the book is a playful challenge and you’ll be surprised at how children rise to it. 

In fact, ask the kids. They'll tell you they are merely competing for their star, and learning what ‘really bad people are-not the ones with big teeth or who smell bad, but the ones who are sick and should be avoided.

The book is so positive and enjoyable, that kids have been known to do it again and again, totally oblivious to the fact that they’re learning from it! And it takes a huge burden off parents’ back! After all, in a world of Big Bad Wolves and Witches who eat children, it’s only us who know that the real demons walk among us. But observe a child after watching Ms. P and her little friends talk about what to do in a potentially dangerous situation, and you’ll see that even though they’ve got the message, they’re unafraid, unthreatened and actually entertained.

How to Tell Your Child presents workbook and videos and other content that is well-researched, and focused on giving children crucial messages, making difficult conversations easy to have. They help to form deeper bonds between child and caretaker by opening up channels of communication and making no topic taboo. Keeping childhood just the way it should be Magical. (From the publisher.)

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