Eclipse (Meyer)

Discussion Questions
1. When Edward explained to Bella that Alice can’t see her if she is with Jacob’s pack, he phrased it as “your future got lost, just like theirs.” The other Cullen powers work on Jacob and his friends—why do you think Alice’s power is different?

2. It seems that Jacob’s story is following a similar path as Leah Clearwater’s story. Do you think that they will bond over that or will he continue to dislike her? What other characters’ stories have similar paths?

3. The Cullens and the Quileutes have come together over a common goal—to kill the attacking vampires. How will this newfound camaraderie affect the original treaty? What changes should be made and what parts should remain as they are?

4. Bella seems adamant that she will become a vampire, even though she knows her family and friends would be very much opposed to the idea. Do you think Charlie or Renee will figure out what Bella is planning? What about Mike and her friends at school? How will they react if they discover her intentions and do you think that they could change her mind?

5. Victoria’s character represents a physical and real danger to Edward and Bella. What other dangers exist for them that aren’t as apparent as Victoria? Will running away to Alaska keep them safe? What other options do they each have?

6. What do you think the next headlines will read in the Seattle papers now that the killing has stopped? How will the authorities explain what has happened?

7. Why do you think Leah turned into a werewolf when none of the stories have ever mentioned a woman wolf before? How will her presence be significant to the pack? To Sam? To Emily? To Jacob?

8. Does Rosalie’s story change the way you feel about her? What insight did you get into her character and her personality? What more still remains a mystery? Despite how it turned out, was it hypocritical of her to change Emmett?

9. Does Jasper’s story change the way you feel about him? What insight did you get into his character and his personality? What more remains a mystery? Will Peter and Charlotte or Maria come back into his life?

10. Stephenie Meyer has noted that each of the novels in The Twilight Saga pays homage to other literary classics. For Eclipse, she has said Wuthering Heights was the key inspiration. If Bella were assigned the role of Catherine Earnshaw, which character would be Heathcliff— Edward or Jacob? What aspects of Edgar Linton can be found in either Edward and Jacob? Is it possible Meyer intended Bella to play the role of Heathcliff? Are there other characters from Wuthering Heights that could more accurately represent the complex relationship between Bella, Edward, and Jacob?
(Questions issued by publisher.)

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