Romanov Sisters (Rappaport)

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Gloom and doom characterized their lives from the very start. The end was written into the beginning. By the final pages, the lack of nitty-gritty is only a relief. This book is Rappaport righting a wrong. History has turned the Romanov sisters into an indiscriminate fairy princess... Rappaport takes on the task of bringing the girls back to earth. She wants to return them their lives, which, though brief, went by slowly and painstakingly, day by uneventful day, page by agonizing page.

The public spoke of the sisters in a gentle, superficial manner, but Rappaport captures sections of letters and diary entries to showcase the sisters’ thoughtfulness and intelligence. Readers will be swept up in the author’s leisurely yet informative narrative as she sheds new light on the lives of the four daughters. B&w photo insert.
Publishers Weekly

Rappaport manages to maintain reader interest even as she ticks off the repetitious tale of their boring lives: long walks with their father, sewing, study, tennis and heavy doses of religion.... A gossipy, revealing story of the doomed Russian family's fairy tale life told by an expert in the field.
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