Heaven Is For Real (Burpo)

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1. Have you read other accounts of those who have experienced heaven? If so, how does Colton's experience compare?

2.Does the way in which Colton reveals his journey—little by little, piece at a time, rather than all at once—make his story more, or less, credible for you?

3. In what way would you say that Colton's young age (he was four) influences his vision of heaven? Would it have been different had he been, say 34...or 64?

4. Do Colton's descriptions of heaven fit your own conception of heaven? If so, how. If not, why not?

5. What do you make of Colton's description of Jesus's blues eyes as and that he was seated on a horse?

6. In what ways do Colton's reporting shift from a descriptive vision of heaven to a more prophetic one?

7. Talk about the scriptural parallels between Colton's descriptions and predictions of heaven.

8. How do you explain the great popularity of this book? Why are people are drawn to books about those who experience heaven? Why is the attraction so powerful? What are people seeking?

9. Some readers wish that Todd Burpo had devoted more time to his son's experience of heaven—that too much of the book revolves around the Burpo family's life and Colton's illness, rather than Colton's "Trip to Heaven and Back." Do you agree ... or disagree?

10. What surprises you most about Colton's journey? What pleases or delights you most...or disturbs you? Overall, what is your reaction to Heaven Is For Real?

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