Touch & Go (Gardner)

Discussion Questions
1. What was your initial impression of each character of the Denbe family at the beginning of the book? How did those impressions evolve or change throughout the novel?

2. In Touch & Go there are two “family units” throughout most of the book, the Denbes and their captors. Do you see any similarities between these two units? Do these groups mirror each other in any way?

3. The Denbe family faces some loaded issues throughout the novel. Do you think that the way they handle these issues in captivity is similar (albeit amplified) to how they would have handled them in their normal life?

4. What did you consider the most torturous aspect of the Denbes' captivity? Physical? Mental?

5. Radar is a complex character. Do you think he redeems himself by helping the Denbes while in captivity?

6. Z is portrayed as a villain with a moral code. Does that make him admirable, or does the fact that he’s adamant about some rules—he always keeps his word—make it more heinous that he’s willing to cross other lines?

7. Do you blame Justin for his family’s situation—both their captivity and their broken nature—or do you see their predicament as a joint effort?

8. Children are a strong theme throughout the book. Tessa is concerned for her daughter as are the Denbes for their daughter, but sometimes the children seem to have more insight than the adults. Do you think Lisa Gardner did this on purpose?

9. Libby Denbe turns to prescription drug use as an escape from her husband’s infidelity. Because of this, is it possible to view Libby as a hero?

10. Many of the characters in this book appear innocent but turn out to be extremely flawed. Which characters (if any) were you surprised by when you found out their darkest secrets?

11. What do you think will happen with Tessa and Wyatt?
(Questions issued by publisher.)

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