Passage (Cronin)

The Passage (The Passage Trilogy, 1)
Justin Cronin, 2010
Random House
800 pp.
ISBN-13: 9780345504975#

An epic and gripping tale of catastrophe and survival, The Passage is the story of Amy—abandoned by her mother at the age of six, pursued and then imprisoned by the shadowy figures behind a government experiment of apocalyptic proportions. But Special Agent Brad Wolgast, the lawman sent to track her down, is disarmed by the curiously quiet girl—and risks everything to save her.

As the experiment goes nightmarishly wrong, Wolgast secures her escape—but he can’t stop society’s collapse. And as Amy walks alone, across miles and decades, into a future dark with violence and despair, she is filled with the mysterious and terrifying knowledge that only she has the power to save the ruined world.

The Passage was named one of the 10 Best Novels of the Year by Time and Library Journal. It was named one the Best Books of the Year by the Washington Post, Esquire, U.S. News & World Report, NPR's On Point, BookPage, and the St. Louis Post. (From the publisher.)

This is the first book of a planned trilogy. The Twelve, published in 2012, is the second installment.

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