Death of a Salesman (Miller)

Discussion Questions
1. Why does Willy kill himself?

2. What does Linda mean when, at the end of the play, she says repeatedly, "We're free"? (p. 112)

3. Why does Willy refuse Charley's numerous offers of a job?

4. Why is Willy's perception of Biff consistently inaccurate?

5. Why does Biff steal Bill Oliver's pen?

6. After Biff insists that he and Willy both acknowledge the truth about who they are, why does Willy then say of Biff, "he likes me!"? (p. 106)

7. What does Charley mean when he says, "No man only needs a little salary"? (p. 110)

8. Why does Happy insist that Willy "had a good dream"? (p. 111)

9. What does Willy mean when he says to Linda, "some people accomplish something"? (p. 5)

10. Why is it so important to Willy that he be well liked?

11. Why does Willy plant the garden after his dinner with Biff and Happy?

12. To what is Biff referring when he says to Willy, "will you let me out of it," while trying to tell Willy about his meeting with Bill Oliver? (p. 85)

13. At what point does the pursuit of dreams turn into a harmful denial of one's actual circumstances?

14. Can Willy be called a tragic figure in the same way that this term applies to various characters in Greek drama?

15. Do American ideals exalt the freedom of the individual at the expense of the welfare of the community?
(Questions issued by publisher.)

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