Of Mice and Men (Steinbeck)

Discussion Questions
1. Why does George "take so much trouble for another guy" (p. 21)? 
2. Why does George shoot Lennie?
3. Why is the dream recited repeatedly?
4. What does Slim mean when he says, "A guy got to sometimes" (p. 102)?
5. Why does the book begin and end at the pond?
6. Why does Candy feel he should have shot his dog himself?
7. Is Curley's wife to blame for Lennie's death?
8. Why doesn't Slim share in the other men's dreams?
9. Why does Carlson get the last word?
10. What is the meaning of the book's title?

11. Did migrant workers have any options for a better life?
12. Did George do the right thing by shooting Lennie?
(Questions from the publisher.)

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