Midnight's Children (Rushdie)

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This is a book to accept on its own terms.... As a Bombay book, which is to say, a big-city book, 'Midnight's Children is coarse, knowing, comfortable with Indian pop culture and, above all, aggressive.... The flow of the book rushes to its conclusion in counterpointed harmony: myths intact, history accounted for, and a remarkable character fully alive.
Clark Blaise - New York Times

Extraordinary... One of the most important [novels] to come out of the English-speaking world in this generation.
New York Review of Books

The literary map of India is about to be redrawn.... Midnight’s Children sounds like a continent finding its voice.
New York Times

In Salman Rushdie, India has produced a glittering novelist– one with startling imaginative and intellectual resources, a master of perpetual storytelling.
The New Yorker

A marvelous epic.... Rushdie’s prose snaps into playback and flash-forward...stopping on images, vistas, and characters of unforgettable presence. Their range is as rich as India herself.

Burgeons with life, with exuberance and fantasy.... Rushdie is a writer of courage, impressive strength, and sheer stylistic brilliance.
Washington Post Book World

Pure story—an ebullient, wildly clowning, satirical, descriptively witty charge of energy.
Chicago Sun-Times

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