Vow (Millner, Burt-Murray, Miller)

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Also consider these LitLovers talking points to help get a discussion started for The Vow:

1. Did you enjoy the unusual structure of this book: three different voices, written by three different authors? Does the story hold together—do the authors pull it off?

2. Are the three main characters authentic and well-developed as individuals? Or do you find them stereotypic: the man's women, the woman left with a baby, and the hard-charging career worman?

3. Are the characters compelling—do you care about them? Do you have a favorite among the three—Trista, Amay, or Vivian? Do you see qualities of yourself in any one of them?

4. Does The Vow do a good job of describing the cultural issues faced by single working women who are also in the market for a mate? Are the challenges the three women face authentic?

5. What about the men? Is there one you like/dislike one more than the others? Who...and why? Are the men fully developed as characters, or are they one-dimensional caricatures?

6. How would you react if you found your boyfriend was on the down-low?

7. Viv began a self-improvement program, then back-tracked. Were you disappointed in her...or sympathetic? What about Sean's justification for leaving Viv with the baby? Does his reasoning stand up? Does Viv end up with the right guy?

8. What do you think of Amaya handing over the photos of his wife to Keith?

9. What does each of the three women start to realize in the process of finding a husband...what do they learn by the end of the book?

10. Did The Vow hold your interest? Is it a page-turner...or were there times when you lost interest?

11. Are you satisfied with the way the novel ends? Do you feel each woman gets what she truly needs...or deserves? If you could, would you change the ending...and, if so, how?

(Questions by LitLovers. Please feel free to use them, online or off, with attribution. Thanks.)

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