Short Life of Sparrows (Cole)

Discussion Questions
1. By the end, most of the characters have all in some way told a lie of their own that has led to some severe consequences. Which characters do you believe were justified in their secrets? Or do you think they were all wrong to hide their secrets from each other?

2. A lot of the secondary characters evolve from who we believe them to be in the first chapters. Who would you say is the most surprising during the course of the story? Why?

3. Do you think if Lil had chosen differently in the past that it would have changed anything for the better?

4. Which scene stands out to you most in The Short Life of Sparrows? And why?

5. Which relationship, romantic or not, did you feel most connected to?

6. Who was the most selfish of the bunch and why? The most selfless, and why?

7. Which character did you resonate with most? The least?
(Questions written and donated to LitLovers by Marie from Utah.)

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