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Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup | LitLovers Reviews
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My first aloud exclamation of  “Oh my God” came on page 7 of BAD BLOOD, and my exclamations and head-shaking disbelief continued for the next 300 pages of this juicy page-turner about the Theranos implosion—a Silicon Valley startup.

Since the company’s downfall has been featured in a series of news stories over the course of the last few years, there is no real spoiler alert here.

Yet, Carreyrou manages to serve up an endless supply of tantalizingly scandalous behind-the-scenes details. He drills down on the finer points of this stranger-than-fiction true story about a blood-testing company run by an impressive visionary who lacked the technical knowledge or leadership skills to successfully execute her ideas.

At the book’s halfway point, it seems there cannot possibly be any conceivable way that Theranos could still continue its business operations. But more surprises abound as the author deftly unspools the tale of how Theranos got away with its shenanigans for so long.

Densely but tidily packed with material, this is by no means a light read. Nevertheless, Carreyrou skillfully weaves intriguing tidbits into the dearth of facts to keep the reader enthralled—whether he is discussing the science of blood testing (which Carreyrou mercifully distills into layman’s terms) or sketching a snapshot of Theranos’s headquarters in Silicon Valley (which Carreyrou expertly crafts as its own separate, lifelike character, fueled by raw ambition and nepotism).

One of the best books I read in 2018, Carreyrou’s Bad Blood will leave you breathless, and will have your blood boiling.


Jodi Stringer
A recovering law student, Jodi now channels her passions into discovering great new books and into screenwriting. (She’s hoping Taylor Sheridan will direct her new spec script. Call her, will you Taylor?) Oh, and she feels like a genius when she gets the “Final Jeopardy” question

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