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Behind Closed Doors | LitLovers Reviews
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The title says it all: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS—the perfect marriage or the perfect lie?

Author B.A. Paris does her readers a favor. Her cover design and title assuredly relay, “You’ll be reading a psychological thriller.” Thank you. It’s information most readers want at the onset—the need to know what we’re getting into.

PRESENT: Open with the perfect dinner party, choreographed with the feel of a synchronized swimming production featuring Esther Williams, written from the first-person perspective of hostess, Grace Angel—whose husband, defense attorney Jack Angel, is perfectly charming. Like all synchronized swimming events, there’s a tendency to hold one’s breath until it’s over. The reader intuitively knows that a drowning of some kind is imminent.

PAST: We quickly go back in time to how the perfect couple met in the park, Grace with younger sister, Millie, in tow. The fact that Millie has Down Syndrome is not merely an interesting incidental—it factors heavily into the story.

By the time we figure out what we’re dealing with, we are hooked. “A hair-raising debut, both unsettling and addictive. A chilling thriller that will keep you reading long into the night.”—Mary Kubica, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Good Girl—the review written aptly at the bottom of the cover.

The story easily goes back and forth in time. With each look into the past we are given a glimpse of the potential for the future yet kept occupied by what is currently taking place.There are few horrific scenes to contend with. It’s the suspense that subtlety builds and overflows.

Yes, I wanted to get to the end. Yes, I wanted to know how this story resolves. I  stopped myself from flipping through the last pages to get a preview of the wrap-up. It’s a good read—two hours in the airport, a six-hour flight from Boston to Phoenix sitting next to a talkative golfer, then finished poolside the next day.

I just needed to know how BEHIND CLOSED DOORS ends. So will you.

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Kathy Aspden
A Jack-of- all-trades—Kathy enjoys writing, painting and construction projects. Her first novel, BAKLAVA, BISCOTTI, AND AN IRISHMAN was written in a cottage she moved from Chatham to her Cape Cod residence five towns away. She’s currently at work on her second novel and third feature-length screenplay. Visit Kathy’s blog

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