Four in the Garden (Hocker) - Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions
1. The theme of the book is that life can transform us if we trust. How did the book illustrate that theme? What is your understanding of transformation and its importance?

2. The story is told in first person so that the reader would feel as though they were experiencing the story firsthand. In what situations did you relate to Cherished?

3. What section or scene was the most meaningful to you and why?

4. What situations surprised you? Looking back, can you see the clues and foreshadowing that led up to those surprises?

5. What elements of the Garden of Eden story did you see in the book? In what ways did the book differ?

6. Although the book is classified as fantasy, the author wrote about spiritual realities he believed to be true. What elements in the story do you believe are true?

7. How did Cherished grow in his understanding of Creator? How did his relationship with Creator change over time?

8. In what ways did Radiance change? How did Blaze change? In what ways was Blaze stuck?

9. Did you find it easy or difficult to sympathize with Blaze? Could you identify with him in any way?

10. The book covered a number of difficult topics, such as suffering, free will and forgiveness. Which of the author’s explorations of a topic impacted you the most and why?

11. The story explored the tension between dependence and independence. What conclusions did the story make regarding free will and independence?

12. Creator’s love was a constant in Cherished’s life, but that love sometimes expressed itself in discipline or withdrawal. Identify the various facets of love presented in the story. How might you define love in such a way as to include these facets?

13. Cherished often made mistakes and sabotaged his relationship with Creator. How did Creator respond to Cherished in these situations? What was Creator’s highest priority for Cherished?

14. How did the story affect your understanding of God and/or your relationship to God?
(Questions courtesy of the author.)

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