Our Kind of People (Graham)

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1. Does Graham's book offer a critique or a glorification of the tightly-knit world of upper-class African-Americans?

2. What does it take to become part of this elite group? Can the self-made man or woman join?

3. Trace the historical background, the development, of this elite group of African-Americans and its separate-but-just-as-equal (or more-than-equal) world.

4. What do you think of the insuated resorts for the wealthy (black or white) on Martha's Vineyard, Sag Harbor? Do you find them alluring, claustrophobic, unfairly exclusive, enviable?

5. To what degree does Graham's place in his social milieu enable him to view it objectively. Do you think his familiarity helps him or hinders him in his assessment?

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