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[A] compelling saga of a remarkable woman whose persistence was honed early on by her battles against low gender expectations and later on by her disability.
USA Today

[R]eads like a detailed novel.… Purnell’s fascinating book supports her description of Hall’s life as a "Homeric tale" of adventure, action, and seemingly unfathomable courage.
Columbus Dispatch

Sonia Purnell has written a riveting account of Hall’s work as a ferociously courageous American spy.… [She] writes with compelling energy and fine detail.
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

[V]ividly resurrects an underappreciated hero and delivers an enthralling story of wartime intrigue.… Purnell does a fine job of bringing Hall’s story to life. Fans of WWII history and women’s history will be riveted. Illus.
Publishers Weekly

Purnell's work is well researched, fast paced, and gives a captivating look at one of World War II's unsung heroes. This will interest readers intrigued by the history of espionage as well as women's and military history. —Crystal Goldman, Univ. of California, San Diego Lib.
Library Journal

(Starred review) Purnell’s writing is as precise and engaging as her research, and this book restores overdue attention to one of the world’s great war heroes. It’s a joy to read, and it will swell readers' hearts with pride.

A remarkable chronicle… [and] lively examination.… [I]f Hall had been a man… she would now be as famous as James Bond.… Meticulous research results in a significant biography of a trailblazer who now has a CIA building named after her.
Kirkus Reviews

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