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Larry Loftis tells it again for a new generation, reweaving the usual account of her wartime activities into a kind of nonfiction thriller.… Mr. Loftis’s writing is frequently difficult to tolerate. He takes a story that is already dramatic and tries to make it more so with cheesy coats of romance and horror.… Fortunately, febrile prose can’t undercut the sheer power of Sansom’s story and of Sansom herself.
Elizabeth Winkler - Wall Street Journal

Extraordinary bravery… made this woman one of World War II's most remarkable spies. That she survived the war was almost miraculous.

Written in the style of a thriller, this is a thrilling account of the exploits of World War II’s most highly decorated spy, Odette Sansom.
Daily Mail (UK)

Loftis gives Sansom the eipc story her experience warrants, full of spycraft, complex and important missions, incredible feats of bravery, and love.

With evident sympathy, Loftis tells a well-researched, novelistic story of a heroine and patriot.… Swift and entertaining, Loftis’s work reads less like a biography and more like a thriller (photos).
Publishers Weekly

(Starred review) Reading like a thrilling spy novel and the most exciting sort of non-fiction—well researched, well written, and fast paced enough to keep the pages turning—this will interest fans of the history of espionage, World War II history, military history, women’s history, and biography.
Library Journal

A true-life thriller centers around a defiant woman who spied for Britain.… [T]he author creates a readable page-turner about Odette's dangerous missions.… A vivid history of wartime heroism.
Kirkus Reviews

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