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Khalida Brohi’s powerful storytelling exposes the little-known world of tribal Pakistan and the injustices facing women there. With insight and determination, she explores the most entrenched social customs facing women today and shares her secrets for innovation, impact, and success. This story is timely not just for those who care about women’s rights but for anyone involved in activism, community mobilization, and social entrepreneurship.
Ariana Huffington - Founder, HuffPost

Khalida Brohi is a force of nature. Her story, in many ways, is beyond belief. It’s incredible that someone so young could achieve this much through passion and ingenuity.
Chris Anderson - TED

Writing in compelling, page-turning prose, Brohi shares a deeply felt, intimate portrait of what it means to be a global activist. There’s even a love story—one with a happy ending. Don’t miss I Should Have Honor, which deserves a legion of caring, activist readers.

One woman's efforts to save women in Pakistan from outdated tribal traditions.… The author illuminates the importance of education for both women and men and the global need for women to be recognized as equals to men. The heartfelt story of a woman's ardent dedication to stopping the senseless "honor" killings in Pakistan.
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