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[A] diverting new study…[the American heiresses] were brave. They were venturesome…they were just what was needed to shake the cocktail and bring some pizazz to the party. De Courcy conjures it all with skill.
Tina Brown - New York Times Book Review

Anglophiles fascinated by the intricate tribal codes of the British upper classes will find plenty to feed their interest in this narrative...if we’re looking to history to better understand our own time, The Husband Hunters has something to say about how we got here.
Boston Globe

Anne de Courcy has written the definitive account of the real-life buccaneers . . . de Courcy argues with conviction that it wasn't simply about money. Englishmen found the dollar princesses irresistible and were drawn to their vitality, social ease and lack of stuffiness . . . de Courcy is excellent on the cultural clashes between the Americans and British.
Times (UK)

Cleverly researched, sparkling with diamonds and wickedly funny (a Book of the Year).
Jane Ridley - Spectator (UK)

A true account of the women who inspired Downton Abbey.… [de Courcy] gets in their heads and in their homes, exploring what life was like for them after their moves and the clash of cultures that ensued.
Vanity Fair

[F]ascinating but surface-skimming.… De Courcy is best at describing upper-class life on both sides of the Atlantic, but the personalities of the young women never completely shine through.… Yet there’s enough glitz and glamour to enthrall those who [loved] the recent royal nuptials.
Publishers Weekly

Vanderbilts, Astors, Churchills, Marlboroughs; diamonds, tiaras, yachts, mansions; all are documented in glorious detail and should satisfy those readers with insatiable thirst for all things peerage.

[Anne] de Courcy brings the Victorian and Edwardian eras vibrantly to life with her meticulously well-researched book, conveyed in an approachable prose style.… A highly readable social history that contains all of the juicy drama of a prime-time soap opera.
Kirkus Reviews

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