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[S]o what if you don’t read Crosley’s essays for universal human truths? Read them because, when life is like a long drive on I-80 west of Omaha, you want a clever, funny friend along for the ride.
Minneapolis Star Tribune

Look Alive Out There is a delightful collection of hilarious essays that manage, in some cases, to point to relatable life lessons. It's equally smart, creative and hilarious.
Associated Press

Crosley’s best essays combine her sparkling verbal facility with a willingness to expose and explore more personal issues.… She has that rare ability to treat scrapes with sardonic humor and inject serious subjects with levity and hijinks with real feeling—a sort of unlicensed nurse to our souls.

Crosley wields her wit and commands all of your attention in her third collection of insightful and hilarious personal essays.

(Starred review) Crosley… continues her tradition of hilarious insight into the human condition…. Crosley is exceedingly clever and has a witticism for all occasions, but it is her willingness to confront some of life’s darker corners with honesty and vulnerability that elevates this collection.
Publishers Weekly

Whatever their experiences, readers can readily relate when she describes the frisson of climbing an active volcano and playing herself on Gossip Girl.
Library Journal

(Starred review) Laugh-out-loud funny seems too trite a phrase for a writer whose takes are so addictively original and unexpected, but it’s also true: dear readers, you will laugh. Whether 2 or 20 pages in length, Crosley’s essays are complete and stop-you-in-your-tracks clever.

(Starred review) The latest collection from the Manhattan-based essayist suggests she can write engagingly about nearly anything.… A smart, droll essay collection that is all over the map but focused by Crosley's consistently sharp eye.
Kirkus Reviews

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