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Where other writers may be playing with paper, O’Farrell takes up a bow and arrow and aims at the human heart.
Times (UK)

Extraordinary… uncomfortable and compelling—a page turner.… Fluent, poised, packed with colourful details. Her prose seems invulnerable. It has the sheen of fiction.
Guardian (UK)

O’Farrell emerges as determined, loyal, fierce and stoic; not to be messed with.… The message is that we must live in the moment, finding joy and freedom where we can, but O’Farrell writes so convincingly about the peril that each episode just serves as another detailed, technicolour reminder that we, and more terrifyingly, our loved ones, are only ever one bad decision, faulty choice or sliver of ill-fortune away from catastrophe. This is a mesmerising read.
Sunday Times (UK)

O’Farrell has a compelling and arresting writing style that fills in a scene quickly and engagingly, to great dramatic and narrative effect.… It is heady, engaging stuff—a bristling, rollercoaster of a read.
New Statesman (UK)

Electric.… Astonishing.… Should be read by everyone.… Affecting: wise, terrifying, vital and important… I can count on one hand the books that made me cry and still have two fingers spare. I Am, I Am, I Am is one of them.
Irish Times (UK)

[A] stunning collection of vignettes about near-death experiences in her life.… Her most dramatic examination of the precipice between life and death is when she writes about her children.… [F]ascinating and thought-provoking.
Publishers Weekly

(Starred review.) Astounding…awe-inspiring…a tour de force

Throughout, the narrative is compelling and visceral; O'Farrell knows how to draw in readers.… An intriguing and mostly engaging collection of life-threatening stories.
Kirkus Reviews

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