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Animal devotees will be eager to explore Ehringer’s interpretative research…. His engrossing study presents ways humans can set and maintain high ethical and moral standards for the breeding and care of our animal partners.
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Ehringer explores how dogs, cats, cows, and horses have fared under domestication and human association.… [R]ecommended for those interested in a casual read. —Cynthia Lee Knight, Hunterdon Cty. Historical Soc., Flemington, NJ
Library Journal

Ehringer writes about the different ways dairy cattle are maintained, the 1980s craze for Arabian horses, the problem of feral-cat colonies, and the ongoing issues surrounding the dog known as the pit bull, fodder for Ehringer’s tracing of the part humans have played in the unnatural history of domestic animals.

Ehringer chronicles our changing relations — changes mostly not for the better — with the world of familiar animals.… Solid, well-reported popular science for animal lovers.
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