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After I read Still Alice, I wanted to stand up and tell a train full of strangers, "You have to get this book."
Beverly Beckham - Boston Globe

Reads like a gripping memoir of a woman in her prime watching the life she once knew fade away....A poignant portrait of Alzheimer's, Still Alice is not a book you will forget.
Craig Wilson - USA Today

 The brutal facts of Alzheimer's are heartbreaking, and it's impossible not to feel for Alice and her loved ones, but Genova's prose style is clumsy and her dialogue heavy-handed. This novel will appeal to those dealing with the disease and may prove helpful, but beyond the heartbreaking record of illness there's little here to remember.
Publishers Weekly

Alice's own emotional responses, including fear, suicidal thoughts, shame and panic, are offered in semi-educational fashion, sometimes movingly, sometimes mechanically. Alice's address to the Alzheimer's Association Annual Dementia Care Conference is an affecting final public statement before her descent into fog and the loving support of her children. Worthy, benign and readable, but not always lifelike.
Kirkus Reviews

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